ⓘ The Assassin Next Door


ⓘ The Assassin Next Door

Kirot, released in the United States as The Assassin Next Door, is an Israeli action drama film directed by Danny Lerner in 2009. The primary language is English with many scenes in Russian and Hebrew with English subtitles.


1. Plot

Galia Olga Kurylenko is a Ukrainian sex slave working in Tel Aviv who attempts to escape with another woman Yana Goor. They are captured and beaten and she watches her friend stabbed to death. She demands to be released and a Russian mobster feels she is smart and strong enough to fill another role. She is told to assassinate a man in a coffee shop and is successful. She is then given an apartment and a pittance.

She performs intermittent assassinations while trying to earn money and to have her passport returned to her so she can return to Ukraine and re-unite with her daughter. She is troubled, though, by the noise of her neighbor constantly beating his wife Elinor Ninette Tayeb. She reaches out to her neighbor and offers friendship, as she can relate to her situation having formerly also been a battered wife.

Galia and Elinor develop a very affectionate friendship. Galia performs her last hit but then the mafia turns on her and attempts to kill her. She then robs the mafia of the money she is owed and attempts to get Elinor to run away with her. At first she is not successful until Elinor stabs her husband when he is beating her and she is now pregnant. As they run away together they are pursued by the mafia in a series of bloody shootouts.


2. Cast

  • Hanry David - Peter
  • Shalom Micahelashvili - Michael
  • Jana Gore - Nina
  • Zohar Strauss - Eleanors violent husband
  • Ninet Tayeb - Eleanor
  • Vladimir Friedman - Mishka
  • Raymond Amsalem - Blanit
  • Olga Kurylenko - Galia
  • Ester Rada - Barbie
  • Liron Levo - Roni
  • Roy Assaf - Shay
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