ⓘ Archibald Mac Dòmhnuill, 7th of Dunnyveg


ⓘ Archibald Mac Domhnuill, 7th of Dunnyveg

The eldest son of Sir James MacDonald and Agnes Campbell, Archibald received a charter for lands forming a part of the barony of Bar in Kintyre on 5 May 1564 from Mary, Queen of Scots. He took over the lordship after his fathers death following his capture during the battle of Glentaisie and imprisoned in Ireland in May 1565. He led an unsuccessful raid to release his uncle Sorley Boy MacDonnell from imprisonment. He is alleged to have died c.1569, without issue, for his younger brother Angus became chief of Clan MacDonald of Dunnyveg.

  • died circa 1569 Aonghus mac Seamus Mac Domhnuill 8 th of Dunnyveg died 21 October 1614 Sir Seamus Mac Domhnuill 9 th of Dunnyveg died 1626 Dunyvaig Castle
  • Mac Domhnuill aka Angus Mac Donald, 8 th of Dunnyveg died 21 October 1614 was the lord of Clan Mac Donald of Dunnyveg Mac Domhnuill was the son of James
  • the Clan Mac Donald of Dunnyveg Clan Mac Donald of Lochalsh, the Mac Donalds of Glencoe, and the Mac Donalds of Ardnamurchan. The Mac Donnells of Antrim are