ⓘ The Sign of Four (2001 film)


ⓘ The Sign of Four (2001 film)

The Sign of Four is a Canadian television film directed by Rodney Gibbons and starring Matt Frewer and Kenneth Welsh. The movie is based on Arthur Conan Doyles second Sherlock Holmes story.


1. Production

The second of four Holmes adaptations starring Frewer as Holmes, was preceded by The Hound of the Baskervilles in 2000, and then followed by The Royal Scandal a blend of "A Scandal in Bohemia" and "The Bruce-Partington Plans" also in 2001, and The Case of the Whitechapel Vampire an original story in 2002.

Frewers portrayal of Holmes was largely criticized.


2. Differences from novel

Unlike the source novel, the movie features Holmes meeting with a Scotland Yard chemist named Professor Morgan who not only identifies the poison which killed Bartholomew Sholto but creates an antidote for Holmes.

Tonga is portrayed not as the savage pygmy of the novel but instead as an Asian with facial markings.


3. Cast

  • Sophie Lorain as Mary Morstan
  • Kenneth Welsh as Dr. John H. Watson
  • Matt Frewer as Sherlock Holmes
  • Edward Yankie as John Small
  • Marcel Jeannin as Thaddeus / Bartholomew Sholto
  • Michel Perron as Inspector Jones
  • Johni Keyworth as Major John Sholto