ⓘ Aisle411


ⓘ Aisle411

aisle411 Inc. is a St. Louis based company that has developed a consumer service called aisle411, which allows customers to use their phones to find products in stores. Founded in 2008 by Nathan Pettyjohn and Matthew Kulig, aisle411 entered the market in August 2009 with a mobile service that allowed consumers to search retail stores for product locations inside stores using their mobile phones.


1. History

In August 2009, aisle411 launched its original product location service in St. Louis, MO area Ace Hardware Ace Hardware locations and Springfield, MO area Price Cutter grocery stores. In 2010, aisle411 launched its mobile smartphone service with Shop n Save, a grocery chain owned by Supervalu and Schnucks grocery stores in the St. Louis, MO area. In September 2011, WinCo Foods WinCo Foods partnered with aisle411 to deploy its technology chainwide to its 79 stores. In December 2011, Hyvee Hy-Vee, a grocery chain of 235 store locations launched the aisle411 platform within their mobile iPhone and Android applications allowing shoppers to map products, lists, and weekly ads. In September 2012, Walgreens Co. launched the aisle411 platform in its iPhone and Android mobile applications, making Walgreens in-store inventory searchable and mappable in over 7.800 locations.

In September 2012, aisle411 acquired the technology assets of WiLocate, adding indoor mobile device positioning technology to its service offering.

In September 2013, aisle411 raised $6.3 million in its first round of financing - led by St. Louis-based Cultivation Capital - to help the company scale, meet demand and expand retail partnerships. Another company that has invested in aisle411 includes Billiken Angels Network.


2. Services

aisle411 allows consumers with Smart Phones to pull up a map pinpointing the aisle and location of the object of their desire in a particular store. The aisle411 platform is made available for licensing to retailers, and 3rd parties through an API and Map SDK. Shoppers can also use the app to scan barcodes to read product reviews and find out about in-store discounts and promotions. aisle411 went live in the iTunes Store around Thanksgiving.