ⓘ Pipmuacan Reservoir


ⓘ Pipmuacan Reservoir

The Pipmuacan Reservoir is a man-made lake on the boundary of the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean and Cote-Nord regions of Quebec, Canada, about 130 kilometres north of Chicoutimi. It is used to control the flow for downstream hydro-electric generating stations on the Betsiamites River and, through Lake Pamouscachiou, also on the Shipshaw River. It has a total surface area of 978 square kilometres and a net area of 802 square kilometres.

The reservoir has a shape highly irregular, with many deep bays dotted with Islands in its Western part, and is characterized by a large rounded Peninsula in the center. The main tributaries of the Betsiamites, Sylvestre, hirondelles decorated and the Pipmuacan rivers.

The reservoir is named after the lake Pipmuacan, which was flooded during the creation of the reservoir. The name of Innu origin, which means "arrow". Geographic the Commission reported in 1960 that "according to the missionaries, côte-Nord, the Innu gave it the name of the lake in memory of their latest battle with the Iroquois on mount Pigmaugan Pipmuacan overlooking the water." Other spellings prior to standardization include Pipmuakan, Pipmaugan, and Pipmakan.

The sport fish that live in Pipmuacan reservoir pike, lake trout, brook trout and whitefish. The hunters provide fishing tours and accommodation in the reservoir.

  • the Saint Lawrence River. The 978 square kilometres 378 sq mi Pipmuacan Reservoir impounded by the Bersimis - 1 Dam, is roughly halfway down its course
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  • and Cigale Creek, Little Shipshaw River, Manouane River. Note: the Pipmuacan Reservoir is located east of the Manouane River. The River Peribonka arrives
  • were built to create the 750 km2 290 sq mi Pipmuacan Reservoir increasing the surfaces of lakes Pipmuacan and Casse: the first, 674 m 2, 211 ft long
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