ⓘ Simpang Empat, Karo Regency


ⓘ Simpang Empat, Karo Regency

Simpang Empat is a district of Karo Regency in North Sumatra.

Borders Kabanjahe and Berastagi regions to the East, painting West, naman Teran and Merdeka to the North and Kabanjahe district to the South.

Before independence, Simpang Empate was ruled by king Karo Sibayak of Lingga, whose domain consisted of Sitelu subkingdoms ruled by king Marga Karo-Karo, Tigapancur ruled by king Sembiring Marga Gurukinayan, and Siempat Teran ruled by king Marga Karo-Karo Sitepu. The area called Simpang Empate because the government House was built at the intersection of Simpang where the Three kings met.

In 2006, Simpang Empate was divided in Simpang Empate, Merdeka, and naman Teran districts. The head of government since 2005, Dr. Lesta Karo-Karo.

Height 700-1420 meters, and the area of the district is 93.48 square kilometers. The County Department is located 7.5 km from the government of the Regency office in Kabanjahe.

The list of des with a population of 2007:

  • Surbakti, 2.393.
  • Gajah, 1.541. (Гаджа, 1.541)
  • Lingga, 3.262.
  • Nang Belawan, 956. (Нанг Белаван, 956)
  • Pintu Besi, 253. (Пинту Бэси 253)
  • Berastepu, 2.247.
  • Serumbia, 583.
  • Jeraya, 563.
  • Perteguhen, 853.
  • Lingga Julu, 1.642. (Lingga Джулу, 1.642)
  • Gamber, 510.
  • Torong, 110. (Торонг, 110)
  • Bulan Baru, 516. (Булан Бару, 516)
  • Kuta Tengah, 558. (Кута Тенга, 558)
  • Ndokum Siroga capital, 1.667.
  • Beganding, 1.540.
  • Tiga Pancur, 954. (Тига Панкур, 954)

100% of the population Simpang Empate have Indonesian citizenship.

There are 14 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 1 grammar school SMA Negeri Simpang Empate in Berastepu in Simpang Empate. 93% of elementary school in elementary school.

There are 13 mosques, musholla 1, and 32 churches in Simpang Empate.

While in the dry highlands, only wine production of dry rice is used, and 1.700 acres were so cultivated, along with 2.485 hectares of maize. Other agricultural products include coffee bean, pepper, potato, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, tomatoes and carrots. There are 3 light industry in Simpang Empate, as well as numerous cottage industries. Most areas of the road pavement or hard roads, but there are also some unpaved roads in several places.