ⓘ Ruaidrí Ó Gadhra


ⓘ Ruaidri O Gadhra

Ruaidri O Gadhra, was an Irish king of Sliabh Lugha and Chief of the Name, died 1256.

During Ruaidris the life of the territory drain-less was conquered by the Sheriff of Connacht, Jordan de Exeter, died 1258, ancestor of clan Mac Siurtain. Drain-less from that time became known as TIR Mac Siurtain country Mak Jordans that became, over time, all the Barony of Gallen.

As a result of the clan O Gadhra was forced to the North in Company Fionn interface home coolavin Barony, County Sligo, which will become their new home.

The annals of the four masters record the number of incidents relating to about Gadhra family during Ruaidhris of the Board:

  • M1241.8. Teige, the son of Rory OGara, died.
  • M1228.2. A great war broke out in Connaught between the two sons of Roderic OConor, Hugh and Turlough, after the death of the Hugh above-mentioned, for the younger son did not yield submission to the elder, and they destroyed Connaught between them, and desolated the region extending from Easdara Ballysadare, southwards, to the river of Hy-Fiachrach, excepting only a small portion of Sliabh Lugha, and the territory of the people of Airtech.
  • M1228.5. Murtough, the son of Flaherty OFlanagan, was slain by the sons of Teige OGara.
  • M1237.9. A prey was taken by Conor, son of Cormac, from Rory OGara, and Rorys brother was slain.

In 1256, Ruaidhri was killed by David, son of Richard kitchen, who was apparently from a family that would make the kitchen Adhamh, scribe and genealogist who lived. 1400 and compiler of the book of Sean o SA MENA.

Ruaidhri was replaced by Ruaidri o Gadhra.

  • Ruaidri O Gadhra Irish Lord, died 1285. The Annals of the Four Masters record, sub anno 1285, Rory O Gara, Lord of Sliabh - Lugha, was slain by Mac Feorais
  • Lugha, died 1181. Ruaidri O Gadhra last King of Sliabh Lugha, died 1256. Ruaidri O Gadhra Irish lord, died 1285. Fearghal O Gadhra lord of Coolavin
  • surname was Ruaidri Ua Gadhra rigdomna of Luigne, who died in 1059. Ruaidri O Gadhra died 1285. Brian O Gadhra died 1325. Donough Roe O Gadhra died 1328
  • Sleibhe O Gadhra King of Sliabh Lugha, died 1217. The Annals of the Four Masters record Donn Sleibhe demise in some detail, sub anno 1227: Donslevy O Gara
  • Gadhra king of Sleibe Lughu, died. 1206 - Ruairi O Gadhra Lord of Sliabh Lugha, died. 1217 - Domhnall O Gadhra died. 1227 - Donn Sleibhe O Gadhra
  • of Norman origin, the Annals of the Four Masters noting that King Ruaidri O Gadhra of Sliabh Lugha was killed in 1256 by David, son of Richard Cuisin