ⓘ Donn Sléibhe Ó Gadhra


ⓘ Donn Sleibhe O Gadhra

Donn Sleibhe O Gadhra, King of Sliabh Lugha, died 1217.

The annals of the four masters record the death of donn Sleibhe in some detail, sub Anno 1227:

  • Donslevy OGara, Lord of Sliabh Lugha, was slain by Gillaroe, his own brothers son, after the latter had, on the same night, forcibly taken a house from him and Gillaroe himself was afterwards put to death for this crime by the devise of Hugh OConor.
  • Donn Sleibhe Ua Gadhra King of Sliabh Lugha, died 1181. The Annals of Lough Ce appear to be the only contemporary reference to Donn Sleibhe laconically
  • Donn Sleibhe Ua Gadhra king of Sleibe Lughu, died. 1206 - Ruairi O Gadhra Lord of Sliabh Lugha, died. 1217 - Domhnall O Gadhra died. 1227 - Donn Sleibhe
  • O Gadhra c. 1597 after 1660 was lord of Coolavin, and patron of the Annals of the Four Masters. O Gadhra was the son of Tadhg mac Oilill O Gadhra
  • Sligo. Domhnall mac Gadhra King of Luighne Connacht, died 931. Toichleach Ua Gadhra King of Gailenga, died 964. Donn Sleibhe Ua Gadhra King of Sliabh Lugha
  • Domhnall O Gadhra King of Sliabh Lugha, died 1217. The Annals of the Four Masters merely report that Donnell O Gara died in the year 1217. They do not
  • Ruaidri O Gadhra was an Irish king of Sliabh Lugha and Chief of the Name, died 1256. During Ruaidri s lifetime the territory of Sliabh Lugha was conquered