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Johnstons organ is a collection of sensory cells found in the pedicel of the antennae in the class Insecta. Johnstons organ detects motion in the flagellum. It consists of scolopidia arrayed in a bowl shape, each of which contains a mechanosensory chordotonal neuron. The number of scolopidia varies between species. In homopterans, the Johnstons organs contain 25 - 79 scolopidia. The presence of Johnstons organ is a defining characteristic which separates the class Insecta from the other hexapods belonging to the group Entognatha. Johnstons organ was named after the physician Christopher Johnston, father of the physician and Assyriologist Christopher Johnston.

  • each equipped with up to four sensory neurons as in the mosquito Johnston s organ The bipolar sensory neurons each have an apical dendritic structure
  • chordotonal organ Hymenoptera bees, wasps, ants, etc. do not have a tympanal organ but they do have a Johnston s organ Tympanal organs occur in just
  • to discriminate frequencies Johnston s organ located in the antennae senses motion of an antenna relative to the insect s body There are many types of
  • physician Christopher Johnston 1822 - 1891 a professor of surgery at the University of Maryland and the discoverer of Johnston s organ and Sarah Lucretia
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  • Thomas Johnston 1708 1767 was an American engraver, japanner, heraldic painter, and a church organ builder. He is noted for making the first historical
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  • the second segment of the antenna in the class Insecta, where the Johnston s organ is found Pedicel or petiole insect the stem formed by a restricted