ⓘ List of licensed and localized editions of Monopoly: USA


ⓘ List of licensed and localized editions of Monopoly: USA

The following is a list of game boards of the Parker Brothers/Hasbro board game Monopoly adhering to a particular theme or particular locale in the United States. Lists for other regions can be found here. The game is licensed in 103 countries and printed in 37 languages.


1. Historical

1935 Classic Reproduction Edition

1935 Retro Series Edition

1935 Commemorative Edition

50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

60th Anniversary Edition

70th Anniversary Edition

80th Anniversary Edition

1936 Brown Box "New Edition" Edition

1936 Super Gold Edition


2. Original Board Special Designs or Packaging

The Cat Voted #1 Edition

The Classic Edition

Franklin Mint Edition

Franklin Mint Collectors Edition

Giant Deluxe Edition

Hasbro Gaming Road Trip Edition

Library Classic Games Edition

Luxe Edition

Nostalgia Wooden Box Edition 2001

Onyx Limited Edition

Platinum Edition Barnes & Noble

Retro Game Edition Walmart

Rustic Series Edition Target

Signature Token Edition

Silver Line Edition Toys "R" Us

Tin Car Case Edition 2001

Token Madness Edition

Train Tin Collectors Edition

Vintage Game Collection Edition Wooden Book Shelf

Vintage Bookshelf Edition Linen

Zapped Edition


3. A

Achievement Hunter Edition

AC/DC Collectors Edition

America Special Edition

American Chopper Edition 2006

Americas National Parks Edition 2005

Americas World War II Edition

Assassins Creed Edition

Alaska Iditarod Edition

Astronomy Edition

Attack on Titan Edition 2016

AMG 50th Anniversary Edition

Angry Birds Edition

Animaniacs Edition

Ariel Edition

Assassins Creed Edition

Assassins Creed Syndicate Edition

Attack on Titan Edition

Auburn University Edition Auburnopoly

Avalon Communications Edition 2001

The Avengers Marvel Edition 2014

The Avengers Marvel Edition 2018


4. B

Back to the Future Edition

Back to the Future Trilogy Edition

Bank of America Edition Baseball

Bank of America Toy Bank Edition

Bass Fishing Lakes Edition 2005

Batman Edition 2006

BBK Clinical Research and Development Edition 2007

Birdopoly Bird Edition

The Beatles Collectors Edition

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Edition

Beetlejuice Edition

Berkshire Hathaway Diamond Edition 2005

Best Buy Corp. Edition 2002

Bible Edition Bibleopoly

The Big Bang Theory Edition

The Big Friendly Giant Edition BFG

Black Panther Edition

BoJack Horseman Edition

Boutique Edition

Boy Scouts of America 95th Anniversary Edition

Boy Scouts of America 100th Anniversary Edition

Bratz Edition

Brave Edition

Belkin Edition 2006


5. C

California Centers Magazine Edition

California Centers Magazine Collectors Edition

Call of Duty: Black Ops Edition

Candy Crush Edition

Coraline Edition

Caseys Caseyopoly

Cat Lovers Edition

Cats vs. Dogs Edition

Cedar Point-opoly

Century of Flight: Aviation Edition

Championship Edition

Cheaters Edition

Cheerleading Edition

50th Anniversary Chevy Corvette Edition 2003

ChileHeads Edition

Chocolateopoly Edition

Christmas Edition

A Christmas Story Edition 2007, 2008, 2009

Chrysler Town & Country Road Trip Edition

Clemsonopoly Clemson University Edition

Coca-Cola Collectors Edition 1999

Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Collectors Edition

Coca-Cola Classic Ads Edition

Cornwell Quality Tools 95 Years Anniversary Edition

Corvette Edition

Corvette 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition

Crooks and Castles Collectors Edition

Cthulhu Edition


6. D

Davita Collectors Edition

DC Comics 1st Special Edition

D-Day Edition

Deadpool Edition

Deadpool Collectors Edition

Deluxe Edition 1995

Deluxe Vintage 5-in-1 Edition

Despicable Me Edition

Despicable Me 2 Edition

Disney Cars 2 Edition

Disney Celebrate the magic and memories of Disney Animation" Edition

Disney Chronicles of Narnia Edition

Disney Frozen II Edition

Disney The Lion King Edition

Disney Theme Park II Edition

Disney Theme Park Pop-up Castle 2019 Edition

Disney/Pixar Edition 2005, 2007

Disney Vacation Club Edition

Disney Villains Edition

My Disney Villains Edition

Dinosaur Edition

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Edition

Doctor Who Edition

Doctor Who Villains Edition

The Dog Artist Edition

Dog Lovers Edition

Doraemon Edition

Duel Masters Edition

Dale Earnhardt Edition The first edition based on a person.


7. E

East Longmeadow Edition

80th Anniversary Edition

Electronic Banking Edition

Elvis 25th Anniversary Collectors Edition

Elvis 75th Anniversary Collectors Edition

Elvis Collectors Edition 2002

Elvis Collectors Edition 2011

Emergency Medical Services Edition

Empire Edition

ESPN Ultimate Sports Fan Edition

European Edition


8. F

Fallout Edition

Fallout Edition Hot Topic

Family Guy Collectors Edition 2006, 2010

Fantastic Four Collectors Edition

FAO Schwarz 150th Anniversary Edition

Fazzino World Edition

FedEx Edition

FedEx 2nd Edition

Firefighters Edition

Firefighters 2nd Alarm Edition

Firefighters 3rd Alarm Edition

Firefly Edition

Fisher Scientific Centennial Edition

"Fondopoly" – locally produced in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Ford Edition

Ford 100th Anniversary Collectors Edition

Fortnite Edition 2018 - Blue Box

Fortnite Edition 2018 - Purple Box

Foxwoods Resort Casino Special Edition

Friends Edition

Futurama Edition

Future Electronics Collectors Edition


9. G

Giant Edition 2012

Game of Thrones Edition 2015, 2018

Gamer Edition

Gamer Collectors Edition GameStop

Gamer: Mario Kart Edition

Gamer: Overwatch Edition

Gamer: Sonic the Hedgehog Edition

Garfield Collectors Edition

Ghostbusters Collectors Edition

G.I. Joe Collectors Edition

The Golden Girls Edition

Golf Signature Holes Edition

Glass Edition

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Edition



10. H

Halo Collectors Edition

Hallmark Channel Edition

Hard Rock Cafe Edition 2006, 2010

Harley-Davidson 95th Anniversary Limited Collectors Edition

Harley-Davidson Legendary Bikes Edition

Harley-Davidson Live to Ride Edition

Heinz Edition

The Heirloom Edition

Here & Now: The World Edition Collectors Edition

Hello Kitty Collectors Edition

Hersheypark Edition Hershey Parkopoly

The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey Edition

Hollywood Edition

Horse Lovers Edition

House Divided

HP Supply Chain Edition

Hull Edition

Huskeropoly Edition


11. I

Iditarod Edition

I Love Lucy Edition

I Love Lucy 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition

I Love Lucy California Here We Come Edition

Inflatable Edition

Indiana Jones Edition

It Edition

It Edition GameStop Exclusive


12. J

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Collectors Edition

John Wayne Collectors Edition

Jurassic World Edition Solid Blue Front

Jurassic World Edition Three Claw Marks

Juicy Couture Edition

Justice League of America Collectors Edition 1999, 2002


13. L

The Legend of Zelda Edition GameStop

Lilly Pulitzer Edition

Lilo & Stitch Edition Hot Topic

Limited Too Collectors Edition

Lionel Trains Collectors Edition - Postwar Era

Littlest Pet Shop Edition 2007, 2008

Longest Game Ever

Looney Tunes Edition 1999

Looney Tunes Collectors Edition 2003

L.O.L. Surprise Edition

The Lord of the Rings Collectors Edition

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition 2003, 2012

Luxury Edition


14. M

Major League Baseball Edition

Major League Baseball Collectors Edition

Margaritaville Deluxe Edition

Marvel Comics Collectors Edition 1999, 2012

Marvel Super Heroes Edition

Mass Effect N7 Collectors Edition

Metallica Edition

M&Ms Collectors Edition 2004, 2007, white rectangle?

Michael Graves Edition Target

Mayberry Edition

Metallica Collectors Edition

Millennials Edition

Millennium Edition 2000

Millionaire Edition

Monopoly City Edition

Mountaineering Edition

Ms. Monopoly Edition

Muhammad Ali "The Greatest" Edition

The Muppets Collectors Edition

The Muppets Jim Hensons Collectors Edition

Mustang Ford Edition

Mustang Ford 40th Anniversary Edition 2004

My American Idol Edition

My Fantasy Baseball Edition

My Hero Academia Edition

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Edition

My Marvel Heroes Edition

My Monopoly Edition

My National Parks 2008

My MLB Edition

My NBA Edition

My NFL Edition

My NHL Edition


15. N

NASCAR 50th Anniversary Limited Collectors Edition

NASCAR Collectors Edition

NASCAR Official Collectors Edition

National Parks 1998

National Parks 2001

National Parks 2010

National Parks 2014

NFL Collectors Edotopm

NFL Limited 1999 Grid Iron Edition

NHL Edition 2001

NHL Collectors Edition

NHL Original Six Edition 2001

NHL Original Six Edition 2008

Night Sky Edition

Nightmare Before Christmas Edition

Nightmare Before Christmas: Collectors Edition

Nightmare Before Christmas: Hot Topic Exclusive Edition

Nightmare Before Christmas: 25 Years Edition

Nintendo Collectors Edition GameStop


16. O

The Office Collectors Edition

Offshore Engineering 40th Anniversary Collectors Edition

Olympic Games Edition London 2012

Option One Mortgage Corporation Limited Edition


17. P

Peanuts Edition

Pedigree Dog Lovers Edition

Phineas & Ferb Edition 2012

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Collectors Edition

Pirates of the Caribbean: Trilogy Edition

Pirates of the Caribbean: Ultimate Edition

Pixar Edition

Pizza Edition

Playmaster Edition

Planet Earth Edition

Planet of the Apes Retro Art Edition

Pokemon Kanto Edition 2014

Pokemon Johto Edition 2016

Pokemon Go Edition

Pottery Barn Deluxe Edition

Pottery Barn Heirloom Edition

Premier Communities Edition

Prologis Industrial Real Estate Edition


18. R

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Collectors Edition

The Ren & Stimpy Edition

The Ren & Stimpy: Memories Edition

Revolution Edition

RIM BlackBerry 25th Anniversary Edition

Rick and Morty Edition

Road Trip Edition

Rolling Stones Collectors Edition

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Collectors Edition 2005, 2012

Rugrats Edition

Rustic Cuff Commemorative Edition


19. S

Sailor Moon Edition


Scooby-Doo 50th Anniversary Edition

Scooby-Doo Collectors Edition

Scooby-Doo Fright Fest Edition

SeaWorld Edition

Seattle Mariners Wildlife Conservation Edition

Seinfeld Collectors Edition

Sephora Edition

Sesame Street 35 Years Edition

Sheraton Edition

Shrek Collectors Edition

Sigma Chi Limited Edition

The Simpsons Electronic Banking Edition

The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror Edition

Skylanders Edition

The Smurfs Collectors Edition

Snap-on Collectors Edition

Socialism Edition

South Park Collectors Edition

Spider-Man Edition

Spider-Man Collectors Edition 2002, 2012

Star Trek Contnuum Edition

Star Wars 40th Anniversary Special Edition

Star Wars Edition 2018

Star Wars Classic Trilogy Edition

Star Wars Episode 1 Edition

Star Wars Saga Edition

Star Wars Limited Collectors Edition

Star Wars Open and Play Edition

Star Wars The Clone Wars Edition

Star Wars The Complete Saga Edition

Star Wars: The Force Awakens edition

Steven Universe Edition

Stranger Things Edition

Stranger Things Collectors Edition

Sun-Maid Edition

STV 100 Years Edition

Sun-Maid Collectors Edition

Sunterra Edition

Super Mario Bros. Collectors Edition

Superman Returns Collectors Edition

Supernatural Edition

Surfing Edition


20. T

Target Edition

Team Fortress 2 Edition

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Edition

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collectors Edition

The Three Stooges Collectors Edition

Times Square Edition Toys "R" Us

Thunderbird 50th Anniversary Edition Ford

Tommy Bahama 20th Anniversary Edition

Transformers Deluxe Collectors Edition

Tropical Tycoon DVD Game Edition

Trump Entertainment Resorts Collectors Edition

Toy Story Edition


21. U

U-Build Edition

Ultimate Banking Edition

Uncharted Edition

Unicorns vs. Llamas Edition

UPS First Edition

U.S. Air Force Edition

U.S. Army Edition

U.S. Navy Edition

U.S. Coast Guard Edition

USA Greatest Cities Edition

United Way of Massachusetts Bay Boston Community Limited Edition


22. V

Victorville, Ca

Venetian, Palazzo Edition Las Vegas

Vintage Game Collection Edition

Virginia Techopoly Edition

Voice Banking Edition

Volkswagen Classic Collectors Edition


23. W

The Walking Dead Edition

The Walking Dead Survival Edition

Warhammer 40.000 Edition

The Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Collectors Edition

The Wizard of Oz Collectors Edition 2008

World Cup 2006 Edition

World Edition

World of Warcraft Collectors Edition

WWE Edition


24. Cities

Atlanta Edition 1994, 1995

Atlantic City standard edition. First issued by Parker Brothers in 1935. Mega Edition featuring more Atlantic City streets released in 2006.

Baltimore Edition 1997

Boston – two editions: Boston, issued in 1994, 1995, 1996 and Boston Historic issued in 1998.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, issued unknown

Charlotte issued in 1997.

Cincinnati, issued in 1998.

Dana Point, issued in 1996.

Denver, issued in 1996

Detroit, issued in 1997.

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, issued in 2007.

Fox Cities, Wisconsin, issued in 2003.

Grand Rapids, issued in 2004.

Green Bay, issued in 2000.

Jacksonville Edition 2002

Kansas City Edition 1997

La Jolla Edition 1994

Las Vegas Edition 1997, 2000

Las Vegas Fabulous Edition

Los Angeles Edition 1996

Manitowoc Edition 2000

Menomonie, Wisconsin, issued in 2004 Menomonopoly.

Minneapolis, Saint Paul Twin Cities Edition, issued 1997.

Moberly, Missouri Unknown issue date.

Orlando, issued in 1997.

Palos Verdes, issued in 2007.

Pittsburgh, issued in 1996.

Rochester issue date unknown

San Francisco Historic Edition 1998

Seattle Edition 1997

Sheboygan Edition 2001

St. Louis Edition 1997

Twin Cities Edition 1997

Teaneck, New Jersey, 10th ed. issued in 2012.

Utica, New York, issued 2018.

Wilkes-Barre, issued 2012.


25. States

Arizona, issued in 1998.

Florida, issued in 1998.

Hawaii, issued in 1996.

Maine, issued in 1999.

Oregon, issued in 1998.

Rhode Island, issued in 1998.

Texas, issued in 1999, also available in a container in the shape of the state.

Utah, issued in 1998.


26. Professional Sport Teams

Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Champions 2011

Boston Celtics Collectors Edition 2006

Boston Red Sox Collectors Edition 2000, 2006, 2008

Boston Red Sox World Series Champions Collectors Edition 2004, 2007

Chicago Bears Collectors Edition 2005, 2008

Chicago Blackhawks Collectors Edition 2010

Chicago Cubs Collectors Edition 2002

Chicago White Sox World Series Collectors Edition 2005

Cleveland Browns Edition 1999

Dallas Cowboys Collectors Edition 2003, 2008

Denver Broncos Commemorative Super Bowl Edition XXXII

Detroit Pistons 50 Seasons Collectors Edition

Detroit Tigers Collectors Edition 2006

Green Bay Packers Collectors Edition 2000, 2003

Houston Astros Edition 2005

Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Champions Collectors Edition XLI

Los Angeles Lakers Collectors Edition

Los Angeles Lakers Legends Edition

Los Angeles Dodgers Collectors Edition 2000, 2018

Miami Dolphins Collectors Edition 2004

Minnesota Vikings Collectors Edition 2005

Minnesota Wild Collectors Edition 2006

New England Patriots Collectors Edition 2003, 2004, 2008

New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Collectors Edition XLIV

New York Giants Collectors Edition 2003, 2006

New York Giants Super Bowl Champions Edition XLII

New York Jets Collectors Edition 2004

New York Mets Collectors Edition 2001, 2005, 2006 Blue or Orange

New York Yankees Collectors Edition 2000, 2001, 2006 Light or Dark Blue

New York Yankees The Centurys Team Edition

Oakland Raiders Collectors Edition 2004, 2008

Philadelphia Eagles Collectors Edition 2003

Philadelphia Phillies World Series Champions Collectors Edition 2008

Pittsburgh Steelers Collectors Edition 2004

Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Chapions Edition XL

San Antonio Spurs Collectors Edition

San Francisco Giants Collectors Edition 2003

Seattle Mariners Collectors Edition 2001

Seattle Mariners 25th Anniversary Collectors Edition 2002

St. Louis Cardinals Collectors Edition 2001

St. Louis Cardinals World Series Champions Collectors Edition 2006

St. Louis Rams Super Bowl Champions Edition XXXIV

Washington Redskins Collectors Edition


27. Universities

Florida State University Edition 1998

The Ohio State University Edition 1997

University of Kansas Edition 1998

University of Tennessee Edition 1998

University of Washington Edition 1998