ⓘ The Mighty Crusaders (film)


ⓘ The Mighty Crusaders (film)

The Mighty Crusaders is a 1958 film about the First Crusade, based on the 16th-century Italian poem Jerusalem Delivered by Torquato Tasso.

This film was directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia. The Italian version was written by Sandro Continenza and the English translation was written by Annalena Limentani and Frederica Nutter.


1. Plot

The film is based on the poem by Torquato Tasso, and is set in the time of the Crusades in Jerusalem. The commander Godfrey of Bouillon, Christian blessed by the pope, is attacking the Holy City for years, with no victory. In fact, his work is to free the Holy Sepulchre of Christ from the hands of the Muslim infidels. The best soldier of Godfreys troop is Tancredi, who during a battle, confronts a Muslim soldier. While this soldier is very strong, Tancredi discovers that "he" is a young woman, named Clorinda. The two fall in love while the war rages; but unfortunately their love does not last long; the witch Armida, with his faithful Muslims, creates a spell that affects Tancredi and Clorinda, who resume to fight in the war against each other.


2. Cast

  • Andrea Aureli as Argante
  • Sylva Koscina as Clorinda
  • Gianna Maria Canale as Armida
  • Nando Tamberlani as Pietro
  • Francisco Rabal as Tancredi dAltavilla
  • Alba Arnova as Harem Dancer
  • Cesare Fantoni as Aladino
  • Philippe Hersent as Godfrey of Bouillon
  • Rik Battaglia as Rinaldo dEste
  • Carlo Hintermann as Dilone