ⓘ Un monde nouveau


ⓘ Un monde nouveau

Un monde nouveau is a 1966 French-Italian drama film directed by Vittorio De Sica. Most notably it featured Sean Connery as himself. Harry Saltzman produced the film.


1. Plot

A beautiful photographer, Christine Delaroche as Anne, has a love affair with Nino Castelnuovo as Carlo, and becomes pregnant. Carlo wants her to have an abortion and sleeps with a wealthy woman to get money to pay for it, but Ann decides against losing her unborn child.


2. Cast

  • Jean-Pierre Darras
  • Sean Connery as playing Himself uncredited: "Carlo" tries getting a photo of Connery at the Paris premiere of Goldfinger
  • Arlette Gilbert
  • Antoine De Rudder
  • Paul Mercey
  • Madeleine Robinson as Wealthy woman
  • Georges Wilson as Medical professor
  • Isa Miranda
  • Françoise Brion
  • Franco Bucceri
  • Christine Delaroche as Anne
  • Charles Millot
  • Jeanne Aubert
  • Nadeige Ragoo as Judith
  • Pierre Brasseur as Photographer
  • Tanya Lopert as Mary
  • Nino Castelnuovo as Carlo
  • Laure Paillette