ⓘ Alexandria (library software)


ⓘ Alexandria (library software)

Alexandria is browser based cross-platform library automation software used by thousands of libraries around the world, both public libraries and school libraries. These include the Houston Independent School District, Philadelphia Public Schools, and the Berkeley Unified School District.


1. Version history

COMPanion Corp maintains different versions simultaneously, with the most recent and up-to-date version being Alexandria v7.15.3 with plans to release Alexandria v7.16.1 in the summer of 2016. Alexandria v7 was officially released on August 5, 2014. Alexandria v6 is still supported although active development has ceased, with the exception of maintenance updates.


2. Selected features

  • Supports reading programs such as Accelerated Reader
  • Due date and policy flexibility
  • Library management
  • Access to third-party databases such as netTrekker
  • Web-based patron interface
  • MARC cataloging
  • Z39.50 Support
  • Lexile integration
  • Thousands of flexible reports
  • Integration with book vendors such as Bound To Stay Bound
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