ⓘ Solanum nelsonii


ⓘ Solanum nelsonii

Solanum nelsonii, common names pōpolo and Nelsons horsenettle, is a partially woody sprawling shrub-like perennial plant in the family Solanaceae, part of the Solanum or nightshade genus. This poisonous plant is endemic to the Pacific Islands. It grows low in coastal sites in coral rubble to pure sand.

Solanum Nelsonii was added to the endangered species list, where a U.S. fish and game on September 30, 2016. Pōpolo used in restoration projects around the state of Hawaii and the northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

Horsenettle Nelsons was first described by Michel félix Dunal. Scientific name of Solanum nelsonii also – invalid – given two types of nightshade:

  • S. nelsonii of Correll is S. oxycarpum.
  • S. nelsonii of Zipp. based on Span. is the S. violaceum described by Ortega.

Several varieties of Nelsons horsenettle have been described, but they are usually no more considered valid:

  • Solanum nelsonii var. acuminatum F.Br. in Christophersen & Caum.
Not to be confused with S. acuminatum as described by Ruiz & Pavon Jimenez.
  • Solanum nelsonii var. caumii F.Br. In Christophersen & Caum.
  • Solanum nelsonii var. intermedium F.Br. in Christophersen & Caum.
Not to be confused with S. intermedium as described by Otto Sendtner in C.F.P. von Martius.
  • Solanum nelsonii var. thomasiifolium Seem.
Not to be confused with S. thomasiifolium.
  • Solanum nelsonii var. typicum F.Br. in Christophersen & Caum.
  • Solanum nelsonii var. vadosum H.St.John.
  • Irenosolanum Solanum incompletum Dunal Pōpolo kū mai Hawai i Solanum nelsonii Dunal Nelson s horsenettle, Ākia Hawai i Solanum sandwicense Hook
  • Dammer Solanum narcoticosmum Bitter Solanum naucinum S.Knapp Solanum nava Webb Berthel. Solanum neei Chiarini L.A. Mentz Solanum nelsonii Dunal
  • and species, such as the tomato Solanum lycopersicon potato Solanum tuberosum eggplant or aubergine Solanum melongena chili and bell peppers
  • Sicyos pachycarpus, ilima Sida fallax and Nelson s horsenettle Solanum nelsonii The plant grew during the moist, winter season from December through
  • brasiliensis Solanum betaceum, Tamarillo Solanum burtonii Solanum chrysasteroides Solanum chrysophyllum Solanum cremastanthemum Solanum densepilosulum Solanum edmonstonei
  • purslane Naturalized alien Portulaca villosa Indigenous Solanum americanum Popolo Indigenous Solanum nelsonii Indigenous Tribulus cistoides Nohu Indigenous
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