ⓘ Bubbles (film)


ⓘ Bubbles (film)

For the Steven Soderbergh film, see Bubble film. For the Arch Oboler film, see The Bubble 1966 film. For the Eytan Fox film, see The Bubble 2006 film.

Bubbles is a 1930 American Vitaphone Varieties short film released by Warner Brothers released in Technicolor.


1. Plot

A Vitaphone short film, directed by Roy Mack, which starts with Marjorie Kane singing the introductory song "My Pretty Bubble".

Bubbles features a land of make-believe where The Vitaphone Kiddies dance and sing. The Gumm Sisters appear alongside The Vitaphone Kiddies and perform "In the Land of Let’s Pretend".


2. Cast

  • Mary Jane Gumm as Herself
  • Virginia Gumm as Herself
  • Judy Garland as Herself
  • The Vitaphone Kiddies as Themselves
  • Marjorie Kane as Mother in Checkered Dress

3. Preservation status

This short film now exists in black and white by television syndication, and was included as an extra on the deluxe DVD edition of Meet Me in St. Louis 1944 released in 2004.