ⓘ Belfast Protestant Association


ⓘ Belfast Protestant Association

The Belfast Protestant Association was a populist evangelical political movement in the early 20th-century.

The Association was created in the last years of the 19th century, Arthur Trew, a former factory worker, who became an Evangelical Protestant preacher and made violently anti-Catholic speech on the steps of the custom house in Belfast.

In 1901, Trew was sentenced to twelve months hard labour after he incited his supporters to riot in opposition to the Roman Catholic Corpus Christi procession in the city. His supporters considered him a Martyr, and his speech was captured by Thomas Sloan. Sloan was an excellent orator and organizer, and the interest has increased dramatically. He stood as an independent worker in 1902 Belfast South by-election and was elected to the British House of Commons against the official unionist.

In 1903, Sloan founded the independent Order of orangemen, but he joined the Irish unionist party and distanced himself from his former supporters. Nevertheless, the cooperation continued, and worked in Belfast, Northern official unionist Daniel Dixon took his place in front of a strong challenge from a candidate in the Committee on labor representation William Walker.

Shortly after the General election of 1906, the Treasurer of the Association, Mr. Galbraith, has disappeared with all the funds, and the organization collapsed.

  • 1902 become a leading member of the working class Belfast Protestant Association after the association s founder Arthur Trew was imprisoned for inciting
  • in Belfast after the Irish Confederate Wars. During the Williamite War in Ireland Belfast changed hands twice. After being seized by Protestants during
  • Protestant Irish nationalists are adherents of Protestantism in Ireland who also support Irish nationalism. Protestants have played a large role in the
  • published in the Belfast Telegraph on 11 May. Likely fearing the incident would doubtless ensure the end of the team in Belfast the Protestant Elisha Scott
  • It was initially settled by Protestant English and Scottish migrants at the time of the Plantation of Ulster. Belfast and County Antrim, however, did
  • preacher Arthur Trew, and soon became a leading member of his Belfast Protestant Association In 1901, Trew was sentenced to twelve months hard labour after
  • 1924 in the constituency of Belfast West. In the Protestant Belfast ward of Shankhill Midgley emphasized his Protestantism and his military service in
  • Rioting broke out in the Ardoyne area of north Belfast after an Orange Order parade, and three Protestants were killed in gun battles between the Provisional
  • South Belfast borders. In the first days of the Troubles a number of local defence associations were established across Belfast by Protestants ostensibly
  • Queen s University Belfast informally Queen s or QUB is a public research university in Belfast United Kingdom. The university was chartered in 1845
  • The Belfast Dock strike or Belfast lockout took place in Belfast Ireland from 26 April to 28 August 1907. The strike was called by Liverpool - born trade
  • assassination missions into Catholic areas of Belfast The new body decided to call itself Ulster Protestant Action and the first year of its existence