ⓘ Wedding in Blood


ⓘ Wedding in Blood

Wedding in Blood, also known as Red Wedding in the UK is a 1973 French crime drama film directed by Claude Chabrol. It was entered into the 23rd Berlin International Film Festival.


1. Plot

In a small French town, filmed in Valençay, the deputy mayor Pierre is having an affair of snatched meetings with Lucienne, the mayors wife. So that they can be together more often, Pierre poisons his sickly wife without anybody suspecting and Lucienne then starts visiting his house at night. Her husband Paul, aware of whats happening, blackmails Pierre into supporting a dubious land deal. To escape this, the two lovers decide to get rid of Paul, who they kill on a lonely road and set fire to the car. Under orders from Paris, the police treat it as an accident, until they receive a letter from Luciennes teenage daughter who may have deduced the whole story, but claims she just wants her mother cleared of suspicion. When arrested, the guilty couple do not deny their crimes. Incredulous, the police inspector asks them; "Why didnt you just leave? Go and live somewhere else?" Bemused, they reply; "We never thought of that."

The plot comes from a real event in the little town of Bourganeuf in 1970. Rene Balaire, a heating engineer, was found burned to death in his car, from which his wife Yvette had escaped unharmed. The police investigation found that he had died from a revolver bullet fired by her lover Bernard Cousty, who had previously killed his own wife.


2. Cast

  • Ermanno Casanova as the counseller
  • Eliana De Santis as Helene Chevalier, Luciennes daughter
  • Claude Pieplu as Paul Delamare
  • François Robert as Auriol
  • Michel Piccoli as Pierre Maury
  • Clotilde Joano as Clotilde Maury
  • Daniel Lecourtois as Prefet / Department governor
  • Stephane Audran as Lucienne Delamare
  • Pippo Merisi as Berthier