ⓘ Aedh mac Brian Ó Cellaigh


ⓘ Aedh mac Brian O Cellaigh

Aedh mac Brian O Cellaigh, King of Ui Maine, died 1467.

About Cellaigh, it seems, was the only son of Brian O Cellaigh, died 1393 and Edwin INION of Cathal OGE o Conchobair died 1393. In their death within a few months of each other, he was under the care of his grandfather, king Maelsechlainn o Cellaigh, died 1402, and after his death, his uncle, William Ruadh, tainiste interface Maine-died 1420.

Aedh came to power in 1424 as a compromise candidate. Donnchadh o Cellaigh, king from 1410, and another uncle Aedh, tried to bribe the sons of William Ruadh, which led to his death in the ambush on them. As his supporters will not take of one of William Ruadhs sons of the king, Aedh has put forward its claim and was successful.

  • Abaidh O Cellaigh 1402 1403 Tadgh Ruadh O Cellaigh 1403 1410 Donnchadh O Cellaigh 1410 1424 Aedh mac Brian O Cellaigh 1424 1467 Aedh na gCailleach O Cellaigh
  • Donnchadh O Cellaigh king of Ui Maine, Chief of the Name, died 1424. The Tribes and customs of Hy - Many, John O Donovan, 1843 The Parish of Ballinasloe
  • Feardorcha O Cellaigh 79th and last king of Ui Maine, 43rd Chief of the Name, fl. 1584 - after 1611. O Cellaigh was a native of Aughrim, County Galway
  • Donogh O Cellaigh O Muireadhaigh, O Roduibh, and members of the O Mulrenin and Mac Giolla Buidhe clans. Brian was of ancestor of the O Connor Sligo
  • Scotsman Edward Bruce. Among those killed were kings Fedlim O Conchobair and Tadhg O Cellaigh King of Ui Maine. In 2016, Martyn wrote that: Though various