ⓘ Union of the Workers of Slovakia


ⓘ Union of the Workers of Slovakia

The Union of the Workers of Slovakia Zdruzenie robotnikov Slovenska, ZRS split from the Party of the Democratic Left SDL in 1994. In the 1994 parliamentary election the party gained 7.34% of the votes and 13 seats. Although calling themselves "agrarian-left" the deputies entered the coalition of the national-conservative Peoples Party – Movement for a Democratic Slovakia and the nationalist Slovak National Party. The ZRS occupied the Ministry of Privatization to ensure that key industries remained under state control. The ZRS stated on its webpage that it had prevented privatizations in the gas industry, energy sector, telecommunications, banks and insurance.

In the WRU were not international organizations, and not to run in 2004 or in elections to the European Parliament 2009.

In the parliamentary elections in 1998 he received the AAMS 1.30% of the vote. In AAMS received 0.54% of the vote in 2002 and 0.29% in 2006. In the parliamentary elections of 2010 the party received 0.24% of the vote – below the polls margin of error 0.6%.

The President of the AAMS was Jan Ľuptak.

The party disbanded in November 2017.

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