ⓘ Kaavalan


ⓘ Kaavalan

Kaavalan is a 2011 Indian Tamil-language romantic action comedy film written and directed by Siddique. Starring Vijay, Asin and Mithra Kurian in the lead roles, while Rajkiran, Roja and Vadivelu in supporting roles. It is a remake of Siddiques previous Malayalam film Bodyguard. The story revolves around a girl named Meera who has a secret romantic interest in her bodyguard.

The musical score is composed by Vidyasagar, and cinematography is handled by N. K. Ekambaram. The films principal shoot commenced in April 2010 and it was completed by November. Originally, it was scheduled to release on 17 December 2010, but the release was postponed to 15 January 2011. The film was selected to be screened at the Shanghai International Film Festival.


1. Plot

Bhoominathan idolises Muthuramalingam, a rich powerful landlord, and at the request of his parents, he accepts to work for Muthuramalingam as his bodyguard. There enters Muthuramalingams rival, who has lost his daughter since she committed suicide, the reason being rejection by Muthuramalingams son. While Bhoomi protects Muthuramalingam, his rival threatens the life of his daughter Meera.

Bhoomi is sent to college along with Meera and her friend Madhu to protect them from the threat. Bhoomi joins the same class where Meera studies, as he has previously discontinued his education. Meera does not like Bhoomi following her as a bodyguard, and therefore plans to divert him. Meera calls Bhoomi over his mobile phone from a private number and introduces herself as "Ammukutty". Initially, Bhoomi hates the mobile call as it will disturb him but later on develops a liking towards Ammukutty and slowly love blossoms for Bhoomi without knowing that it is Meera herself.

At one point, Meera too feels herself becoming attracted to Bhoomi and expresses her desire to meet him in person without revealing her identity. However, due to circumstances they are not able to accomplish this, and she decides to elope with Bhoomi for which he agrees, unaware it is Meera. However through certain means, Muthuramalingam gets to know that Bhoomi and Meera are going to run away and sends his men to stop Bhoomi. Meera overhears her fathers plans and decides to save Bhoomi by lying that he is in love with some other girl and has planned to elope with her. Muthuramalingam spares Bhoomi, believing that Meera is not his lover, but sends his men to the railway station to find out Bhoomis lover. He also instructs that Bhoomi should be killed if there is no one in the railway station.

Meera, in a desperate attempt to save Bhoomi, comes up with a plan. She requests Madhu to go to the railway station and pretend to be Ammukutty, so that Muthuramalingams men will spare Bhoomi believing Madhu to be his lover. Meera also gives a mobile phone to Madhu and informs to give it to Bhoomi when she meets him as Bhoomis phone is broken so that she can reveal the truth to Bhoomi. Madhu agrees and leaves to the station. Over there, Bhoomi gets surprised seeing Madhu in the station and believes that it is Madhu who was pretending as Ammukutty so far and hugs her. Muthuramalingams men see this and leave the place, believing that Meera is not Bhoomis lover.

Suddenly, Madhu gets a call in the mobile given by Meera. Madhu understands that the call is from Meera and she wants to speak to Bhoomi. To everyones surprise, Madhu throws away the phone from train, following which it is revealed that Madhu also likes Bhoomi, and she decides to marry him by betraying Meera. Meera understands that Madhu has played a trick.

Several years later, Bhoomi, now a top-ranking government official, now returns to Muthuramalingams village to visit him along with his son Sidharth. Muthuramalingams condition is ill. It is revealed that Madhu has died a few years back due to some medical ailments, but she has written all the truth in a diary and gives it to Sidharth to read it after her death. Sidharth has learnt all the truth. Madhu has also mentioned in the diary that this truth should never be disclosed to Bhoomi.

Meera stays with her father, and Bhoomi gets shocked to know that Meera still remains unmarried. When Bhoomi and Sidharth are about to return home, Sidharth asks Meera to come with them and expresses his wish to call her as mother. Bhoomi berates Sidharth for his suggestion and apologises to Meera and Muthuramalingam, but Muthuramalingam also insists Meera to go with Bhoomi.

Now Bhoomi, Meera and Sidharth leave together from the village. Just the before the train starts, Sidharth runs out to throw the diary containing the truth in a dust bin and comes back, but Bhoomi takes back the diary from the dust bin without Sidharths knowledge and reads it. Upon reading the diary, Bhoomi is shocked knowing that it was Meera who loved him in the name of Ammukutty. In the end, Bhoomi also whole heartedly accepts Meera.


2.1. Production Development

Siddique first narrated the script of Bodyguard to Vijay. As Vijay had prior commitments then, he suggested making this movie first in Malayalam as Bodyguard. He later announced his decision to remake the film with enhancements in the script to better suit the Tamil audience. The film was initially referred to as Kaavalkaaran, which literally means "bodyguard" in Tamil. After rumours of the title being changed to Kaaval Kaadhal, the film was officially confirmed to be titled Kaavalan in August 2010. The reason for the name confusion and its eventual permanent change was due to complications in obtaining the rights to the title of Kavalkaran from M. G. Ramachandrans producers. They refused to sell the title to Vijay, leading to the rechristening of the title to Kaavalan.


2.2. Production Casting

With the announcement of the remake, Siddique had finalised Vijay to play the lead role, reminiscent of their previous venture Friends 2001, which was also a remake of Siddiques own Malayalam film. Asin Thottumkal was signed up to pair with Vijay for the third time after their previous pairings in Sivakasi 2005 and Pokkiri 2007, also giving Asin a comeback in Tamil cinema after her last appearance in Dasavathaaram 2008. Vadivelu, Rajkiran, and Roja Selvamani were also signed up as supporting characters.


2.3. Production Filming

The films principal shoot began in April at Kumbakonam.

An incident occurred on set in April, where Asin, her father, and her makeup assistants fainted in their caravan after being exposed to a gas leak. They were treated in hospital the same day and were eventually discharged.

The second shoot schedule occurred in Vellore. Vijay and Asin, along with director Siddique and the rest of crew filmed at the Vellore Institute of Technology. A song was shot at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


3. Soundtrack

The soundtrack album is composed by Vidyasagar, collaborating with Vijay for the 8th time, after Coimbatore Mappillai, Nilaave Vaa, Thirumalai, Ghilli, Madhurey, Aathi and Kuruvi. The soundtrack consists of five tracks, with lyrics written by Yugabharathi, Pa. Vijay, Viveka and Kabilan. The audio launch was held on 8 December 2010.

Behindwoods gave the album a rating of 3/5, and stated that it is fresh and youthful. Sify gave the album, rating 4 out of 5, and stated "The album is youthful, and make sure it is an instant hit." MusicAloud.com rated the album 8 out of 10, stating "After a completely subdued soundtrack for Mandhira Punnagai, he creates another out-and-out commercial score in Kaavalan. A sureshot musical hit for Vijay!" Rediff rated the album 2.5 out of 5, stating that Kaavalan would be a throwback to the stars earlier, romance-heavy movies, notably Friends. It looks like Vidhyasagar has followed the same mission directive. Its a relief to see less of hero-overtones and more soft numbers."


4. Controversies

Due to the failure of Sura 2010, theatre owners faced huge losses, and asked Vijay to compensate 35% of the loss amount. However, Vijay did not give any response. A week before the films release, Tamilnadu Theatre Owners Association, had announced that they will not give any other co-operation to Kaavalan, and the actors other future projects. As a result, two shows were cancelled on the opening day, 14 January 2011, and went ahead with matinee shows.

Moreover, it was rumoured that significant industry stakeholders from Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam pressurised exhibitors to stall the films release, since Aadukalam, which was distributed by Sun Pictures, was slated to release on January 2011, and also majority of the theaters were controlled by the party supremos. In order to have a smooth release, Vijay sought help from J. Jayalalithaa, from All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, which was the opposition party at that time, as a result the film opened to 450 screens, on 15 January 2011.


5. Release

Originally slated to release on 17 December 2010, Kaavalan was released on 15 January 2011. The film was selected at the 14th Shanghai International Film Festival in the panorama section. SIFF issued an invitation to Vijay as guest of honour. The film was later dubbed in Hindi as Main Hoon Bodyguard.


6.1. Reception Critical response

Sify.com described the film as "super fun" and a "perfect Pongal family entertainer" and rated it 4.5/5. The reviewer particularly praised Vijays performance, observing that the film works "purely on his star charisma and larger-than-life image" and that "he carries the film on his shoulders and is one good reason to watch the film". A critic from Rediff.com, while giving the film 3.5 out of 5 stars, credited Vijay for "shedding his action/political persona" and "choosing a script that focuses on comedy and emotions". Behindwoods.com rated the film 4 out of 5 stars and called it "a relatable love story shot in a cute and simple manner, rich with emotions, and a smooth narration". The reporter noted good chemistry between Vijay and Asin. Asins performance was described as convincing. Oneindia commented, "Vijays performance as extraordinary and describing Kaavalan is a family entertainer with an extraordinary script".


6.2. Reception Box office

Kaavalan released in 350 screens. Kaavalan released to generally positive reviews from critics. The film collected ₹ 55 lakh in Chennai at its opening weekend. By the end of six weeks it had grossed around ₹ 45.6 crore US$6.4 million at the World wide box office. The film grossed US$ 79.185 in the United Kingdom and completed a 100-day theatrical run.

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