ⓘ Ruaidhrí mac Coscraigh


ⓘ Ruaidhri mac Coscraigh

Ruaidhri mac Coscraigh was King of South Connacht and of Ui Briuin and a third great-grandson of the eponym of Clann Cosgraigh. Ruaidhri is mentioned in the Annals of Inisfallen and Tigernach as well as the Leabhar na nGenealach.

Ruaidhri was killed fighting of conchobar Mac Mael Sechnaill, King of Corcu Modruad and Mac Comhaltan ua Cleirigh UI Fiachrach Aidhne in the year 993.

  • Tuaim - da - ghualann. Donn mac Cumasgach Ruaidhri mac Coscraigh Medieval Ireland: Territorial, Political and Economic Divisions, Paul Mac Cotter, Four Courts Press
  • first to use the surname. Mac Comhaltan Ua Cleirigh, King of Ui Fiachrach Aidhne, fl. 964. Ruaidhri mac Coscraigh fl. 993 Mac Comhaltan Ua Cleirigh, fl
  • died 908 Urchadh mac Murchadh, died 943 Donnchadh mac Urchadh, died 959 Murchad mac Flann mac Glethneachan, died 973 Ruaidhri mac Coscraigh died 992 Maelcairearda
  • Seola were often described as kings of all Ui Briuin as well. Ruaidhri mac Coscraigh of the Clann Cosgraigh appears in the Annals of Tighernach and Inisfallen
  • surname were the grandsons of Aodh died 1033 who was son of Ruaidhri mac Coscraigh King of South Connacht. The surname s pronunciation in Irish has