ⓘ The Red Terror (film)


ⓘ The Red Terror (film)

The Red Terror is a 1942 German film directed by Karl Ritter.

Released after the breakdown of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, it is noteworthy for the crude, heavy-handed depiction of Communists.


1. Plot

Olga Feodorovna, a Baltic German, saw her family massacred by the GPU. She joins it in order to track down the murderers. After avenging the deaths, she commits suicide.


2. Cast

  • Theo Shall as soboteur withBokscha
  • Freddie Brocksieper with his jazz combo
  • Karl HaubenreiSer as Jakob Frunse
  • Albert Lippert as hotel director in Kovno Kaunas
  • Nico Turoff as Frunses assistant
  • Lale Andersen as singer in bar in Goteborg
  • Marina von Ditmar as Irina
  • Andrews Engelmann as Nikolai Bokscha
  • Hans Stiebner as inquiry judge
  • Laura Solari as Olga Feodorowna
  • Will Quadflieg as Peter ASmuss
  • Wladimir Majer as GPU chief
  • Helene von Schmithberg as Tante Aunt Ljuba
  • Gosta Richter
  • Ivo Veit as Soviet diplomat in Helsinki
  • Horst Winter as singer: 1st variation on "Limehouse Blues"
  • Maria Bard as head of womens league