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History of Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire is an English shire county which lies between approximately 25 miles and 55 miles north of central London.

History of Berkshire

Historically, the English county of Berkshire has been bordered to the north by the ancient boundary of the River Thames. However, much of the border with Oxfordshire in the western part of the county was moved in 1974. Alfred the Great was born in wantage, formerly in Berkshire but now in Oxfordshire. The great Western railway reached Didcot in 1839. Mg part of Morris motors was founded in Abingdon in 1929. Valley of the White Horse and parts of Oxfordshire South of the Thames were previously part of Berkshire, but were lost in the County in 1974. Conversely, Slough area to the North of t ...

History of Bristol

Bristol is a city with a population of nearly half a million people in south west England, situated between Somerset and Gloucestershire on the tidal River Avon. It has been among the countrys largest and most economically and culturally important cities for eight centuries. The Bristol area has been settled since the Stone Age and there is evidence of Roman occupation. A mint was established in the Saxon burgh of Brycgstow by the 10th century and the town rose to prominence in the Norman era, gaining a charter and county status in 1373. The change in the form of the name Bristol is due to ...

History of Buckinghamshire

Although the name Buckinghamshire is Anglo Saxon in origin meaning The district of Buccas home the name has only been recorded since about the 12th century. The historic county itself has been in existence since it was a subdivision of the kingdom of Wessex in the 10th century. It was formed out of about 200 communities that could between them fund a castle in Buckingham, to defend against invading Danes.

History of Cambridgeshire

The English county of Cambridgeshire has a long history. This article concerns the History of Cambridgeshire. For other information on the region, see Cambridgeshire.

History of Cheshire

The history of Cheshire can be traced back to the Hoxnian Interglacial, between 400.000 and 380.000 years BP. Primitive tools that date to that period have been found. Stone Age remains have been found showing more permanent habitation during the Neolithic period, and by the Iron Age the area is known to have been occupied by the Celtic Cornovii tribe and possibly the Deceangli. The Romans occupied Cheshire for almost 400 years, from 70 ad, and founded a town and fortress on the site of Deva, now Chester. After the Romans left, Cheshire formed part of Mercia, the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom, which ...


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  • The Victoria History of the Counties of England commonly known as the Victoria County History or the VCH, is an English history project which began in
  • counties of England are areas that were established for administration by the Normans, in many cases based on earlier kingdoms and shires created by the
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  • non - metropolitan counties are one of the four levels of subdivisions of England used for the purposes of local government outside Greater London and the Isles of Scilly
  • The history of local government in England is one of gradual change and evolution since the Middle Ages. England has never possessed a formal written constitution
  • The history of the Jews in England goes back to the reign of William the Conqueror. The first written record of Jewish settlement in England dates from
  • encyclopaedic history of the county of Wiltshire in England It forms part of the overall Victoria County History of England founded in 1899 in honour of Queen