ⓘ Common toadfish


ⓘ Common toadfish

The common toadfish, also known as the common toado, toadfish or toado, is a species of fish in the family Tetraodontidae of order Tetraodontiformes, found along Australias eastern coast, from northern Queensland to Flinders Island, and around Lord Howe Island, as well as in New Zealand waters. It often buries itself in sand with only its eyes exposed.

Fish sandy to whitish, with small brown spots over most of the back and upper sides, and brown bars and blotches at the bottom. It has a maximum length of 14 cm. It is similar in appearance to the smooth toadfish, but has fewer seats and more visible spikes in the skin.

Like some other fish, the common toadfish is able to vary the amount of pigment in the cornea, which becomes yellow in bright light.

It is rarely used as aquarium fish in brackish water aquariums. Together with related toadfish species, known in Australia as a "sycophant".

Like other fish of this family, the flesh is poisonous due to the tetrodotoxin, and the fish can have fatal consequences.

  • Toadfish is the common name for a variety of species from several different families of fish, usually because of their toad - like appearance. Dogfish
  • 1813, though early records confused it with its close relative, the common toadfish T. hamiltonii The two are the only members of the genus Tetractenos
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