ⓘ GAS5


ⓘ GAS5

Growth arrest-specific 5 is a non-protein coding RNA that in humans is encoded by the GAS5 gene.

ГАЗА5 non-coding RNA, which accumulates in the stop of cell growth, acts as a decoy hormone response element for the glucocorticoid receptor GR and therefore blocks positive regulation of gene expression, activated gr.

A number of studies ГАЗА5 linked to apoptosis and may play a role in the progression of some types of cancer.

In ГАЗА5 its introns are several snorna sequences, including SNORD81, SNORD47, SNORD80, SNORD79, SNORD78, SNORD44, SNORD77, SNORD76, SNORD75 and SNORD74. These intron sequences are more conservative than the exons of the host genes, such genes are often called "genes".

It was recently discovered that the nonsense-mediated degradation pathway can regulate the function of ГАЗА5 in mammalian cells.

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