ⓘ Hard Boiled Mahoney


ⓘ Hard Boiled Mahoney

Sach Huntz Hall just lost his job as an assistant to a private detective, but he wasnt paid. Slip Leo Gorcey goes with him down to the detectives office to demand payment, but finds the office empty. A woman enters the office and mistakes Slip for the detective and convinces him to take on a case to find her sister after offering a $50 retainer.

The only clue they have is the spiritualist Dr. Carter Pierre Watkin. They track him down, only to see him being murdered. Slip is knocked unconscious and when he wakes a woman is there calling the police. Slip identifies her as the other womans sister, but she denies it. After asking questions, Slip believes the woman is not the other ones sister and they assist each other in escaping the police and make plans to meet up later.

Slip and Sach then go to see the fortune teller Armand Dan Seymour and find out that the two women arent related, they both just want to get back incriminating letters that Armand has that he uses to blackmail them. Eventually the good and bad guys meet up at Louies Sweet Shop and a fight takes place. As soon as it ends, Louies waitress, Alice Patti Brill, arrives with the police and takes away Armand and his gang. The boys then all take turns hitting Slip on the head with their hats after they discover that he used the entire $50 trying to get the information to solve the mystery.


1. Production

This is the only Bowery Boys film in which Gabe Gabriel Dell is part of the team, in every other film he is a protagonist or former team member. In this film, he reprises his character of "Talman" a.k.a. "Pete" that he portrayed in the East Side Kids final film, Come Out Fighting.


2. Cast

The Bowery Boys

  • William Benedict as Whitey
  • Huntz Hall as Sach
  • David Gorcey as Chuck
  • Gabriel Dell as Gabe
  • Bobby Jordan as Bobby
  • Leo Gorcey as Terrance Slip Mahoney

Remaining cast

  • Dan Seymour as Dr. Armand
  • Bernard Gorcey as Louie Dumbrowski
  • Betty Compson as Salina Webster
  • Patti Brill as Alice
  • Teala Loring as Eleanor

3. Home media

Released on VHS by Warner Brothers on September 1, 1998.

Warner Archives released the film on made-to-order DVD in the United States as part of "The Bowery Boys, Volume Two" on April 9, 2013.

  • Schertzinger Hard Boiled 1926 film a 1926 American silent western film Hard Boiled a 1992 Hong Kong action film directed by John Woo Hard Boiled Mahoney a
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  • be presented as evidence. Leo Gorcey as Terrance J. Montgomery Slip Mahoney Huntz Hall as Horace Debussy Sach Jones Bobby Jordan as Bobby William
  • summon to assist him. He reprised one of his East Side Kids roles in Hard Boiled Mahoney 1947 playing Gabe as a myopic nerd with thick glasses, ascot and
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  • used in latter films of the series Jones Leo Gorcey as Terrance Slip Mahoney Huntz Hall as Sach Sullivan Bobby Jordan as Bobby William Benedict as Whitey
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