ⓘ Conchobar Ó Cellaigh


ⓘ Conchobar O Cellaigh

Ui Maine during his reign fell away from subordinate status to the Kings of Connacht and regained something of its former independence, but at the cost of encastellation and settlement under Richard Mor de Burgh died 1242 and his son, Walter de Burgh, 1st Earl of Ulster died 1271.

There are only the most indirect references to Yip man in the annals, perhaps, reflects a decrease of kingdoms to a smaller value or its domination of the dynasty of de Bourgh.

  • from Conchobar included: Domnall Mor Ua Cellaigh died 1121 Conchobar O Cellaigh died 1268 Donnchad Muimnech O Cellaigh died 1307 Gilbert O Cellaigh died
  • Maine Mor, who founded Ui Maine. His gr - gr - gr - gr - gr - grandfather was Conchobar O Cellaigh died 1268 a notable ruler of the kingdom. Sean lived in the parish
  • Conchobar an Abaidh O Cellaigh king of Ui Maine, Chief of the Name, died 1403. Following a lengthy period of stable rule from c.1349 to 1402 under the
  • Conchobar mac Domnall O Cellaigh died 1318 was King of Ui Maine and Chief of the Name. The Tribes and customs of Hy - Many, John O Donovan, 1843 The Surnames
  • gr - gr - gr - gr - gr - gr - gr - gr grandson of Conchobar Maenmaige Ua Cellaigh who was king in 1180. His father, Domnall mac Aodh O Cellaigh was married to Catherine Burke
  • Muimnech O Cellaigh 1295 1307 Gilbert O Cellaigh first reign 1307 1315 Tadhg O Cellaigh 1315 1316 Conchobar mac Domnall O Cellaigh 1316 1318 Gilbert O Cellaigh
  • in Ireland. The Irish Franciscan friars established a monastery in Multyfarnham Conchobar O Cellaigh 43rd King of Ui Maine and 10th Chief of the Name
  • of the Name. Tadhg was one of five sons of Domhnall mac Conchobar mac Tadhg Taillten O Cellaigh listed as Gilbert, King of Hy - Many, David, Tadhg Mor
  • descend from Tadhg Mor or bear the surname Ua O Cellaigh until Feardorcha O Cellaigh resigned the title O Cellaigh in the late 16th century. His senior descendants
  • Murrough Ua Cellaigh 41st King of Ui Maine and 8th Chief of the Name, died 1186. The previous king, Conchobar Maenmaige Ua Cellaigh was killed in the