ⓘ Woodside (Silver Spring, Maryland)


ⓘ Woodside (Silver Spring, Maryland)

Woodside is a neighborhood located in the Montgomery County, Maryland, area of Silver Spring. Founded in 1889, it is the oldest neighborhood in Silver Spring.


1. Location

Woodsides boundaries are roughly Georgia Avenue State Route 97 on the east, Spring Street to the South, 16th Street State Route 390 to the north and the Red Line Washington Metro to the west. It borders the neighborhoods of Woodside Park and North Woodside. It also shares a boundary with the Silver Spring business district. The neighborhood was developed at the same time as other communities along the B&O Metropolitan Branch.


2. Landmarks

Woodside Urban Park is a 2.3-acre recreational park located on the southern edge of the neighborhood. The park was renovated and expanded in 2010 and contains picnic tables, a large childrens play area, tennis courts, a bronze statue of a man on a unicycle, and a water fountain that provides a soothing counterpoint to busy Georgia Avenue. Also contained within the boundaries of the neighborhood are the Woodside United Methodist Church, part of the Silver Spring Cooperative Parish, and the Montgomery County Health and Human Services building. The DHHS building occupies the site and the renovated building of the former Woodside Elementary School.


3. History

Sligo Village Methodist Church later renamed Woodside United Methodist Church was built on a plot of land donated in 1872 by the new subdivision of Woodside. Due to dangerously close location of the Washington Woodside and Forest Glen Railway, the congregation decided to move the building. The church was placed on rollers and pulled by a team of horses to its current location on the opposite side of Georgia Avenue in 1897.


4. Transportation

Washington Metro service is available on the Red Line at the nearby Forest Glen and Silver Spring stations. Woodside is served by Metrobus numbers Y2, Y8, Q2, and Q4. The future Woodside station on the Purple Line will be built in Woodside on 16th Street and is expected to be open to the public by 2022.

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