ⓘ Warren, Massachusetts


ⓘ Warren, Massachusetts

Warren was first settled in 1664 and was officially incorporated on January 16, 1741 as the town of Western.

Originally a part of Quaboag plantation, the town now known as Warren was part of Brookfield for 68 years until it was renamed Western. Warren includes land, called Quaboag plantation and the "Kingsfield", which included parts of Palmer and Brimfield.

13 Mar 1834, in Warren, was renamed in honor of General Joseph Warren who died at the battle of bunker hill during the American revolutionary war. The necessity of renaming the city, this was due to confusion on behalf of the "West" in the town of Weston, Massachusetts. According to the history of Warren, Massachusetts Olney I. darling, Western was renamed Warren due to "countless mistakes in the transmission of messages." January 13, 1834, a town meeting was held to discuss a name change. Shortly thereafter, the city appealed to the Legislature to change the name, which was soon made, and at the first General meeting under the name "Warren" was held on 28 April 1834.

In the two other places under the name "Warren" in Massachusetts existed before 1834. First Warren, now in Rhode island, was located on land combining parts of the Massachusetts Bay colony and Plymouth colony. In 1636, Roger Williams, banished from Salem, fled to the Indian village of Sowams, where he was protected Massasoit until he settled in Providence.

Permanent English settlement East of the Indian village. In 1653, massasoit and his eldest son sold the Plymouth colony settlers what is now Warren and parts of Barrington, ri, Swansea, mA and Rehoboth, Massachusetts. In 1668, the settlement was officially registered with the name Sowams, in 1691, the Plymouth colony merged with the Massachusetts Bay colony. Warren was transferred to Rhode island from Massachusetts in 1747. The town was named "Warren" after a British naval hero, Admiral sir Peter Warren, after a victory at Louisburg in 1745. At the time of cession in 1747, Barrington was unified with Warren, until it separated again in 1770.

The second "Warren, Massachusetts" right now in Warren, Maine. November 7, 1776, Upper town of St. Georges plantation was incorporated as a town and named in honor of Joseph Warren, a revolutionary war hero. Maine seceded from Massachusetts in 1820.

Warren in Worcester County historically contained the villages of #4 village, center village, West Warren, lower village, and South Warren. Historical markers mark each of these areas, and West Warren and Warren each have their own indexes.

  • Warren is a census - designated place CDP in the town of Warren in Worcester County, Massachusetts United States. The population was 1, 405 at the 2010
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  • The Warren Public Library is the public library of Warren Massachusetts It is located at 934 Main Street, in a Richardsonial Romanesque building designed
  • after the beginning of the American Civil War. Fort Warren defended the harbor in Boston, Massachusetts from 1861 through the end of World War II, and during
  • eventually serving as President of the revolutionary Massachusetts Provincial Congress. Warren enlisted Paul Revere and William Dawes on April 18, 1775
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  • 1, 787. The Warren post office was established in 1885 it was named by local resident James Gill for his hometown of Warren Massachusetts The post office
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  • Advisor under President Obama. In November 2012, Warren won the U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts defeating incumbent Republican Scott Brown and becoming