ⓘ Shéhérazade (film)


ⓘ Sheherazade (film)

Baghdad in the year 809. The city is ruled by the Caliph, Haroun-al-Rashid, to whom the beautiful and spiritual Scheherazade has been promised. Ambassadors of Charlemagne arrive in Baghdad to ask the Caliph for free access to the Christian holy sites. Among these envoys from the west is the knight Renaud Villecroix, who falls in love with her. The grand vizier, enemy of the caliph, ambushes a traveling party and takes Scheherazade prisoner, threatening to cut off her head. Renaud saves her and flees into the desert with her.


1. Cast

  • Anna Karina - Sheherazade
  • Jorge Mistral - Grand Vizir Zaccar
  • Gil Vidal - Thierry
  • Fausto Tozzi - Barmak
  • Fernando Rey
  • Gerard Barray - Renaud de Villecroix
  • Felix Fernandez
  • Joelle LaTour - Anira
  • Jose Manuel Martin - as J.M. Martin
  • Karamoko Cisse
  • Rafael Albaicin
  • Maria Granada
  • Giuliano Gemma - Didier
  • Marilù Tolo - Shirin
  • Jose Calvo
  • Maria Calvi
  • Antonio Vilar - Haroun-al-Raschid
  • used to drop a nude Sheherazade into a man s lap. Actress Catherine Zeta Jones received her first film role in Les 1001 Nuits. The film was shot in 1989
  • Sheherazade is a 2018 French drama film directed by Jean - Bernard Marlin and written by Jean - Bernard Marlin and Catherine Paille. Dylan Robert as Zachary
  • series Sheherazade film a 1963 French film starring Anna Karina Sehrazat film 1964 Turkish thriller Song of Scheherazade, a 1947 American film starring
  • November 1917 1 May 2017 was a French film director and screenwriter. He directed the 1963 film Sheherazade which starred Anna Karina. He was once
  • 1, 2014. SHEHERAZADE BFI Film Television Database. London: British Film Institute. Retrieved April 1, 2014. Pavlides, Dan. Sheherazade 1963 Allmovie
  • leads an alliance of Sinbad without his ship, Aladdin without his lamp, Sheherazade and Ali Baba and his 40 thieves to depose Khalid and win the heart of
  • Xiuliang as Mister Zhang Karim Moussaoui as Sheherazade s husband On the site of the distributor African Film Festival of Cordoba - FCAT license CC BY - SA
  • Rio, the Etoile and the Sheherazade and also the Rex in Sarh, the Logone in Moundou and the Cine Chachati in Abeche. The film industry suffered severely
  • is a French actress. In her first film she played the title role in Sheherazade She will appear in the upcoming film BAC Nord directed by Cedric Jimenez