ⓘ La Totale!


ⓘ La Totale!

François Voisin is a telecommunications employee with an ostensibly unremarkable life. In reality François is a secret agent. He is reputed to be one of the best in his profession earning him the moniker lEpee or, "The Sword". He hides his activities from his wife.

François is coming home on his fortieth birthday, for which his wife has secretly prepared a surprise party with old friends with whom he used to fence. He is called back by his colleague Albert for a mission involving planting a microphone in an arms smugglers car. He succeeds after a struggle. As he arrives home, his friends mock his "boring" life.

The planted microphone leads the Secret Service to a prostitute. After infiltrating her apartment and planting a camera, they discover she is helping a missile expert and the smuggler to meet. They then intercept and destroy a missile convoy. Meanwhile, François wife Helene is living a monotonous life.

Helene then meets Simon, who pretends to be a secret agent while in reality he is a car dealer living in a caravan. François discovers Helene is meeting someone in secrecy and believes she is cheating. He therefore uses the agencys resources to spy on her and find out more about Simon. When Simon lures Helene to his caravan, François kidnaps both of them. He makes his wife believe that Simon was a terrorist and then makes Helene believe she has to work for the agency to secure her freedom. She is unaware that François is behind this, and gets sent to a hotel room for a mission where he plans on surprising her. At this point, they both get kidnapped by henchmen of the arms dealer. After François admits his true identity to Helene, he manages for them to escape. They thwart the arms dealers plan of blowing up a football stadium in Paris and all ends well.

The film concludes with François forty-first birthday. He and Helene kidnap a dangerous man who turns out to be Simon pretending to be someone else.