ⓘ Monroe Transit


ⓘ Monroe Transit

Monroe Transit is the operator of public transportation in metropolitan Monroe, Louisiana. Since 1906, Monroe Transit, the nations oldest publicly owned transportation system, has been continuously owned and operated by the City of Monroe. Over 100 years after its inception, Monroe Transit remains the public transportation provider to the City, offering twenty regularly scheduled routes, as well as, paratransit services to the community.

Monroe transit has a long, rich history. In 1903, at the urging of mayor A. A. Forsythe, the city Council of Monroe voted for the beginning of the First urban railway in the United States. The city awarded a contract for 100.000 $for Westinghouse electric Co. in 1904 to build a city street Railway. Construction began in may of 1905 but was later delayed because of the epidemic of yellow fever.

June 11, 1906 mayor of Forsyth, city officials, and prominent Monroe residents held the first official launch of Monroes Municipal street Railway. The revenue service on the four lines began on 15 June 1906. By this time, West Seattle, Washington have already started the first municipal property, street railway, making Monroe the second in the U.S. to introduce this new model of public transport.

The street Railway continued to operate until 1938. Although many extensions have been made to the railroad throughout her work, Munro is expanding, making buses more economical and practical option. The final tram ran down the line of Lee Avenue on 21 August 1938 and development of transit Monroe as a modern transport system that we know today officially began.

In 2005, the Night service was also opened and watch for regular routes were extended. Currently, the service is not available on Sundays.

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