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ⓘ Pydhonie

Pydhonie is a neighbourhood in South Mumbai. Etymologically the name is derived from the Marathi word Py which means feet, and dhone which means "to wash". Thus the name means "A place where feet are washed."

In the name Pydhonie or "foot washing", and probably refers to the small Creek that formed during high tide between the breach separating the Islands of Bombay and Worli and Umarkhadi, the Creek between the Islands of Mazagaon and Mumbai Bombay. It was probably the first land permanently reclaimed from the sea in Mumbai.

Pydhonie separates the predominantly Muslim population of the Eastern part of the inner city from the mainly Hindu part to the West. The main attraction of the city is the Temple of Mumba Devi, moved here from Fort in 1737 or 1766. The current structure was funded by Prabhu goldsmith called Pandurang Shivaji. Many of the older houses in this area were built by immigrants from Gujarat and Rajasthan and murals, jharokhas, balconies and decorative lintels, typical of the architecture of these countries.

In the 1860s engraving of the police is the oldest in the city and has a history in the 1993 Bombay blasts that followed the Bombay riots, the "first bullet during the riots was fired near Pydhonie station and the first bus stoning during the riots have also occurred in this jurisdiction," said Madhukar Zende, who was to act during the riots in 1993 and is famous for his arrest of serial killer Charles Sobraj.

  • the name Godiji Parshwanth, the best known is Godiji Parshvanath in the Pydhonie locality of Mumbai. It was established in beginning of the eighteenth century
  • which ended at Godiji Parshvanath temple. The Godiji Parshwanath Temple in Pydhonie is one of the oldest Jain temple in Mumbai, constructed in 1812. The white
  • the streets. A large number of Muslims congregated near Minara Masjid in Pydhonie jurisdiction at about 23: 20 hours on 6 December 1992 and came out protesting
  • city, plying the Colaba Pydhone via Crawford Market, and Bori Bunder to Pydhonie via Kalbadevi routes. The initial fare was three annas 15 paise pre - decimalisation