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  • Since 1848 the Swiss Confederation has been a federal republic of relatively autonomous cantons, some of which have a history of confederacy that goes
  • The early history of Switzerland begins with the earliest settlements up to the beginning of Habsburg rule, which in 1291 gave rise to the independence
  • The history of the Jews in Switzerland extends back at least a thousand years. Jews and Judaism have been present in the territory of what is now Switzerland
  • is the predominant religion of Switzerland its presence going back to the Roman era. Since the 16th century, Switzerland has been traditionally divided
  • level of administrative division in Switzerland Each municipality is part of one of the Swiss cantons, which form the Swiss Confederation. In most cantons
  • The military history of Switzerland comprises centuries of armed actions, and the role of the Swiss military in conflicts and peacekeeping worldwide. Despite
  • greater part of the territory, the Swiss population of approximately 8.5 million is concentrated mostly on the plateau, where the largest cities are located
  • periods of Restoration and Regeneration in Swiss history last from 1814 to 1847. Restoration refers to the period of 1814 to 1830, the restoration of the
  • The early modern history of the Old Swiss Confederacy Eidgenossenschaft, also known as the Swiss Republic or Republica Helvetiorum and its constituent
  • is a survey of the postage stamps and postal history of Switzerland The first stamps used in Switzerland were issued by the cantons of Zurich, Geneva
  • territory of modern Switzerland was a part of the Roman Republic and Empire for a period of about six centuries, beginning with the step - by - step conquest of the
  • economic role, particularly the Swiss banking industry and tourism. The economy of Switzerland ranks first in the world in the 2015 Global Innovation Index
  • The geography of Switzerland encompasses the geographical features of Switzerland a mountainous and landlocked country located in Western and Central