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ⓘ E

E is a letter.

  • In Emilian, e is used to represent with a falling tone in pinyin, the Chinese language roman-alphabet transcription system. The word 鄂, consisting only of this vowel, is an abbreviation for the Hubei province of the Peoples Republic of China.
  • e is used in Vietnamese to represent the letter "E" with the dấu huyền tone. It can also combine with "Ê" to form "Ề".
  • In English, the letter e is sometimes used in the past tense forms of verbs in poetic texts to indicate that the final syllable should be pronounced separately. For example, blessed would indicate the pronunciation BLESS -id rather than BLEST. It also occurs in loanwords such as Italian caffe.
  • The letter E with a grave accent.
  • e is also used in Macedonian Latin as an equivalent of the letter ye with grave Ѐ, ѐ.
  • Microsoft Windows users computer can type an "e" by pressing Alt + 0 2 3 2 or Alt + 1 3 8 on the numeric pad of the keyboard. "E" can be typed by pressing Alt + 0 2 0 or Alt + 2 1 2.