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ⓘ S. R. Wojdak & Associates

S.R. Wojdak & Associates, LP is a lobbying firm in Pennsylvania.

Wojdak & Associates was among the first lobbying firms to bring "contract lobbying" to Harrisburg. Today he is one of the "largest and most influential lobbying firms" in the state.

The Pennsylvania report said that the firm is "widely known to bring home the funds" for clients. Pittsburgh post-Gazette described Wojdak & Associates as "one of the largest and best-known firms in the state." In 2002, Wojdak & Associates was part of a controversy in suburban Philadelphia over its lobbying on behalf of red light cameras. During the 2009 Pennsylvania budget impasse, Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutters controversial extended its lobbying contract with Wojdak & partners after it has expired.

In 2000, Wojdak & Associates and sellers, D. Martin and David S. Feinberg based sellers, Feinberg and partners, lobbying firm specializiruetsya health-related lobbying.

  • lobbyist in Pennsylvania, where he was the President and CEO of S R Wojdak Associates A graduate of the University of Scranton and University of Pennsylvania
  • Terpeluk and Associates in 1986, which he continued to operate while a principal in the Washington office of the firm S R Wojdak Associates from 1989
  • Colleen M. Kopp is a lobbyist with Wojdak Government Relations and a former legislative staffer in Pennsylvania. Prior to that she was an aide for House
  • 1143 JJAP.46.2172. Mehonic, A. Cueff, S B. Wojdak M. Hudziak, S Jambois, O. Labbe, C. Garrido, B. Rizk, R Kenyon, A. J. 2012 Resistive switching
  • American economist and lobbyist. Norm Weiss, 79, Canadian politician. Stephen Wojdak 76, American lobbyist and politician, member of the Pennsylvania House