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History of Bashkortostan

The history of Bashkortostan or Bashkiria covers the region in and around the Southern Urals, historically inhabited by Bashkirs. The region has been known by several names, including al-Bashgird, Bashgirdia, Bascardia, Fiyafi Bashqyrt, Pascatir and similar variants. As with previous names, the modern federal subject of Bashkortostan was named after the native Bashkir people.

History of Kabardino-Balkaria

As with other parts of the Caucasus, the area that is now known as Kabardino-Balkaria has been inhabited for thousands of years. The origins of its inhabitants are somewhat obscure. It is known that proto-Kabardians called Kassogs were inhabiting that area already in the 9th century, as the Arab traveler Al Masudi speaks of them. Balkars were part of Alania and one of the Vainakh tribes, who were influenced by Turkic culture after the Mongol invasions split of the lowlands of Nakh tribes and adopted the language. Also genetically they are closely related to Chechens and Ingush. The region ...


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