ⓘ Outpost


ⓘ Outpost

  • Israeli outpost, a settlement built on land that was not legally purchased and was not given a building permit by the State of Israel
  • Border outpost, an outpost maintained by a sovereign state on its border, usually one of a series placed at regular intervals, to watch over and safeguard its border with a neighboring state
  • Outpost Islands, Nunavut, Canada
  • Human outpost, artificially-created, controlled human habitats located in environments inhospitable for humans, such as on the ocean floor, in space or on another planet
  • Outpost military, a detachment of troops stationed at a distance from the main force or formation, usually at a station in a remote or sparsely populated location
  • Outpost Estates, Los Angeles, California, a canyon neighborhood

1. Entertainment

  • The Outpost, a 1909 play written by James Francis Jewell Archibald
  • Outpost chess, a strategic element in chess
  • Outpost board game, from TimJim games
  • Outpost Gallifrey, a Doctor Who fan website
  • Outpost Records, a former Geffen Records imprint
  • The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor, a book by Jake Tapper
  • "The Outpost" is Episode 23 of Freeforms 2018 drama show Siren
  • The Outpost Resnick novel, a 2001 science fiction novel by Mike Resnick
  • The Outpost TV series, a 2018 fantasy TV series
  • The Outpost Prus novel, by Boleslaw Prus

1.1. Entertainment Music

  • Outpost Robert Rich and Ian Boddy album, 2002
  • Outpost The Samples album, 1996
  • Outpost Freddie Hubbard album, 1981
  • The Outpost opera, a 1900 short opera by Hamilton Clarke, played as a companion piece for The Pirates of Penzance
  • Outpost Buckethead album, 2014

1.2. Entertainment Films

  • Outpost 1959 film, an Australian television play
  • The Outpost 1995 film, a Hungarian film
  • The Outpost 2020 film, an upcoming war drama film
  • Outpost 2008 film, a 2008 horror film directed by Steve Barker
  • The Outpost, another name for the 1995 film The Hills Have Eyes III
  • Outpost 1944 film, 1944 animated film

1.3. Entertainment Video games

  • Outpost Kaloki X, a city-building video game for the Xbox 360
  • The Outpost, a fictional place in the role playing game Neuroshima
  • Outpost 2, a 1997 computer game by Dynamix
  • Outpost 1994 video game, a 1994 Sierra On-Line video game
  • Outpost 1981 video game, an arcade game

2. Other uses

  • Lunar outpost NASA, a planned, Moon-based inhabited facility
  • Outpost.com, a name formerly used by Frys Electronics
  • Outpost Firewall Pro, a software package
  • Outpost Societies, secret, early 20th century Istanbul societal organizations
  • Outpost Snipe, a remote World War II military located Egypt
  • Outposts of tyranny, a term used in 2005 to characterize some governments
  • Outpost for Hope, a missing persons website
  • Outpost Harry, a remote Korean War military base
  • Outpost Island Mine, a gold mine in Canada
  • Outpost Magazine, a Canadian adventure-travel publication
  • Cyberian Outpost, an online vendor of discount computerware