ⓘ Sulphur Springs, Indian Territory


ⓘ Sulphur Springs, Indian Territory

Sulphur Springs was a Choctaw Indian community formerly existing in the Choctaw Nation of Indian Territory. It was located 3/4 mile south-southeast of the highway intersection of OK 3 and OK 93 in present-day Rattan, in Pushmataha County, Oklahoma.

Before you create the post office of the United States in 1910 with the name" rattan”, the area was called sulphur springs. Sulphur springs local time in cedar in Choctaw. It was established by the Constitution of the Choctaw at Doaksville in 1860 and, in the manner of most Choctaw County seats, serves on a part-time role as legal and political center. It was never a major settlement and boasted almost no Mercantile or retail stores.

The County court meets the first Monday of each month and was called to the court, although it was more similar to the modern County court proceedings than a modern probate court. The court met in a large log house, built long, straight logs, as Indian Methodist Church and the courthouse.

Cedar County courthouse was demolished by white settlers some time after the collapse of the Choctaw nation as a sovereign entity in the Oklahoma statehood in 1907. The stump is said to be saved from the tree was used as a pillory for punishment were given Choctaw judicial system is now Pushmataha County historical society in antlers, Oklahoma.

Sulphur springs got its name from several sulphur springs located in the surrounding area. A number of Choctaw families living around the cedar: the County courthouse used them, as well as guests of the district court and the meetings of the Methodist Church.

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  • which they named Rebel s Refuge At some point, the springs were renamed White Sulphur Springs Following the Civil War, the tourist business slowly