ⓘ Gang population


ⓘ Gang population

Los Angeles has held the nickname "gang capital America" since 1930 because approximately 120.000 gang members reside in the city, and tens of thousands more in surrounding Los Angeles County.


1. Latin America

There are between 25.000 and 50.000 gang members in Central Americas El Salvador.

The Mexican drug cartels have as many as 100.000 foot soldiers, many of them in the Los Angeles area.


2. Asia

The Yakuza are among the largest organized crime organizations in the world. In Japan, as of 2005, there are some 86.300 known members.

Hong Kongs Triads include up to 160.000 members in the 21st century. It was estimated that in the 1950s, there were 300.000 Triad members in Hong Kong. The Chinese government claims that police have eliminated 1.221 triad-style gangs across China since a crackdown was launched in 2006. More than 87.300 suspects have been arrested.