ⓘ Hymenolepis (plant)


ⓘ Hymenolepis (plant)

Hymenolepis is a South African genus of flowering plants in the daisy family.

Hymenolepis different from Athanasius with a tuft of slender scales and Chapter. Some species of Euryops are similar but distinguishable by their small flower heads, which appear earlier, and their undivided leaves.

Species in homotypic genus

In 1824, Kaulfuss to use the same name, Hymenolepis, to refer to some ferns in the Polypodiaceae. Names created using this illegitimate generic name:

  • Hymenolepis novoguineensis Rosenst. C.Chr. - Belvisia novoguineensis Rosenst. Copel.
  • Hymenolepis rigidissima C.Chr. (Hymenolepis rigidissima К. хр)
  • Hymenolepis vaupelii Hieron. ex C. Chr. - Belvisia mucronata Copel.
  • Hymenolepis ophioglossoides Kaulf. - Belvisia spicata L.f. Mirb.
  • Hymenolepis spicata L.f. C.Presl - Belvisia spicata L.f. Mirb.
  • Hymenolepis glauca Copel. C.Chr. - Belvisia glauca Copel. Copel.
  • Hymenolepis validinervis Kunze - Belvisia validinervis Kunze Copel.
  • Hymenolepis callifolia C.Chr. - Belvisia mucronata Copel.
  • Hymenolepis platyrhynchos Kunze - Belvisia platyrhynchos Kunze Copel.
  • Hymenolepis minor Copel. - Belvisia mucronata Copel.
  • Hymenolepis may refer to: Hymenolepis plant Hymenolepis tapeworm
  • refer to: Vicia nana, a flowering plant species found in South America Vampirolepis nana, a synonym for Hymenolepis nana, the dwarf tapeworm, a cosmopolitan
  • the dwarf alpinegold, a flowering plant species Hydnocarpus nana, a plant species endemic to Malaysia Hymenolepis nana, the dwarf tapeworm, a worm species
  • flowering plant species found only in China Turnix nanus, the black - rumped buttonquail, a bird species Taenia nana, a synonym for Hymenolepis nana, the
  • harlingii Calea hassleriana Calea hatschbachii Calea huigrensis Calea hymenolepis Calea hypericifolia Calea ilienii Calea integrifolia Calea intermedia
  • have lived for up to 9 years. Several endoparasitic cestodes including Hymenolepis javanensis and Cittotaenia sandgroundi have been described from lesser
  • El - Ghazaly B.Nord. Baccharoides guineensis Benth. H.Rob. Baccharoides hymenolepis A.Rich. Isawumi, El - Ghazaly B.Nord. Baccharoides incompta S.Moore
  • anthelmintic expelling parasitic worms activity on mature and immature Hymenolepis nana in mice. Napthoquinonic compounds also exhibit antimicrobial activity
  • Anaphalis hookeri C.B.Clarke Anaphalis horaimontana Masam. Anaphalis hymenolepis Ling Anaphalis javanica DC. Sch.Bip. Anaphalis kashmiriana P.C.Pant