ⓘ État second


ⓘ Etat second

Etat second refers the state of mind into which some French authors go when writing short stories. It mixes abstraction and concentration at the same time, ironically telling sometimes more facts than in conscious writing. The Argentine writer Julio Cortazar often used this method to write, as he called it "the moment of maximum creativity".


1. Concept

In Etat second, the consciousness is clouded so that two personalities that are very different override each other with one appearing in place of the other. The personalities involved one that is normal while the other is aberrant and they follow each other in successions.

In psychology, Etat second is also referred to as the "new state" in the condition called alternating personality. This is manifested in the mental state of hysterics. It is said that the notion of idee fixe, the subconscious that separated from ordinary consciousness, forms the nucleus of the Etat second. For instance, a patient falls to a hysterical sleep and forgets all his previous existence upon waking. However, it is said that all of the ordinary faculties such as speaking and movement are transferred to the new state.


2. Cultural references

  • The Argentinian online magazine L´Etat Second mag also took its name from this term.
  • The French version of the American movie Fearless 1993 directed by Peter Weir was called Etat Second.
  • French, the Etat Libre d Orange is the name of the Orange Free State, an independent Boer sovereign republic in southern Africa during the second half of
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