ⓘ Space Crusade (video game)


ⓘ Space Crusade (video game)

Space Crusade is a 1992 video game based on the Space Crusade board game. It was one of the earliest video games of the Warhammer 40.000 series. Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. released the video game version of Space Crusade in early 1992. It was available on Atari ST, IBM PC, Amiga, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, and Amstrad CPC and later received an expansion, The Voyage Beyond.


1. Gameplay

Space Crusade is considered a faithful conversion of the original boardgame, with a digital board that could be viewed from both a 2D and isometric view.


2. Reception

Space Crusade was praised for being "a faithful conversion of the boardgame." The ZX Spectrum version was voted number 24 in the Your Sinclair Readers Top 100 Games of All Time.

CU Amiga called Space Crusade "a classic strategy game". Amiga Computing called Space Crusade "one hell of a game". The reviewer from Amiga Action stated "I have absolutely no reservations in recommending this game to everyone, especially commanders with prior experience in the Adeptus Astartes". The reviewer form The One for Amiga Games stated that the games pros "more than outweigh the cons and make Space Crusade a very worthwhile product, especially with the prospect of plenty of data disks to liven things up". The reviewer form The One for Amiga Games stated that Space Crusade retains much of the original feel of the board game, but the computer format adds some great touches youd be hard pressed to imitate physically, short of tipping lighter fluid over the board characters and lighting them as they get blown away". Amiga Format called Space Crusade "fun, not fast-paced joystick-bashing fun, but you’re your thoughtful, war-gamey, tactical move-type, with some mindless blasting thrown in". The reviewer from Amiga Mania stated that Space Crusade has "a lot of nice effects, touches and tweaks which a great game needs to lift itself above its competitors".