ⓘ Finger Lakes Trail


ⓘ Finger Lakes Trail

The Finger Lakes Trail consists of a network of trails in New York. The trail system is administered by the Finger Lakes Trail Conference, a non-profit organization, composed primarily of volunteers.

Turning is primarily designated as a footpath only trail. Main trail VS 584 miles 939.9 km in length and extends from the new York-Pennsylvania border from Allegany state Park in southwestern new York to the Catskill Forest preserve in Eastern new York. There are 400 miles or 643 km of branch and loop segments that branch off the main FLT-six branch trails and several loops and side trails. Turning is part of 4.600 mile North national scenic trail NCNST and affiliated with the Association of the North country trail in as a partner organization. In NCNST uses approximately 424 kilometres, turning as it crosses new York from Allegany state Park in Madison County.

The trail system passes over a mixture of public and private land, and public roads where no public or private land. The main FLT is going through many new York parks, state forests and management of natural areas. Turning also crosses the only national Park in the state of new York for an additional 400 private landowners property.

Supported by volunteers from 15 organizations and approximately 60 individual and family trail authors, in addition to staff NYSDEC to the actions of the crew that maintain the trail in the Catskills. The U.S. forest service supports the Interloken trail in the finger lakes national forest.

The highest point in all of the armed forces 3660 near balsam lake mountain Catskill. At low altitude 430, where the sun crosses the Cayuga inlet near Ithaca, new York. There are also five fire towers located along the trail. The first is the abandoned MT. The Tuscarora fire tower in State Park Allegheny. The second is the sugar Hill fire tower outside of Watkins Glen state Park. Berry hill fire tower is located outside of the national Park of lake Bowman. Fourth-balsam lake mountain fire tower and the fifth is the rock rift fire tower. Both are located in the mountains.

As of August 10, 2016 finger lakes was completed 413 times, including continuous and section Hiking. Joe Dabes "Java Joe" raised the entire trail ten times. Frank Biancos second of four trips were completed in 24 days 26 June 1997. Six branch trails all over 92 times, February 14, 2016. In FLTC produces patches for the main trail and all its branches. Then, 3 Aug 2015, Heather Houskeeper "Botanical tourist" completed the first traverse a continuous path and all branch route in 62 days.

When using the trail, it is important to know whether the site which you use at private or public lands and regulations that apply to that particular section.

Those sections of the trail that pass through private lands that are subject to the rules established by finger lakes conference "FLTC" how to negotiate with the owners of their own land. Sections of the trail that pass through state lands subject to the laws and regulations of the political entity that owns the public lands.

For example, sections of the trail, which is located in Allegheny state Park in accordance with the rules of the office of new York state parks, recreation and historic preservation, "the new York OPRHP". Sections of the trail that pass through new York and the forests of new York state reforestation areas are subject to the rules of the new York state Department of environmental conservation "new York Dec". Sections of the trail that pass through the lands of the County are subject to the rules of the particular district.

This multi-jurisdiction can create a lot of confusion. For example, there are some places spots camping "bivouac" areas and canopies on private and public lands. On private land camping is allowed only in specially designated areas. In some state parks camping is allowed anywhere on or near the trail, which is not visible from the road. In other state parks, camping is allowed only in specially designated areas for camping along the trail. On sections of the route that pass over new York of the state of new York, forest and reforestation of the campsites are everywhere that at least 150 feet from trails, roads, and water source.

In addition, mountain Biking is generally prohibited FLTC. In state parks, mountain Biking is allowed only if specifically designated in the state of new York OPRHP. State forests and reforestation, mountain Biking is prohibited in new York state Dec specifically wrote otherwise. Such disparate rules apply to the storage of firearms, like long guns and licensing of handguns.

Sections of the trail that pass over private lands are closed during various hunting season parts of the trail, which takes place on public land generally open throughout the year, including state-owned land on which hunting is allowed.

In FLTC sells detailed maps that define sections of the trail on state and private lands, and portions of trail that were closed during various hunting seasons.

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