ⓘ Our Lady of Caysasay Academy


ⓘ Our Lady of Caysasay Academy

When the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing founded St. Scholasticas College in Manila in 1906, they had just marked their Silver Anniversary as a religious congregation. In 1885, Pope Leo XIII gave his permission and blessing to the foundation of a Benedictine Missionary Congregation of Fathers and Sisters founded by Reverend Andres Armrhein of Beuron. Seeing the need for Sisters to help in the mission work of the Fathers, Father Armrhein started the Sisters congregation in Reichenbach in 1885, with four young women to spread the faith in other lands. When years later, the sisters had so increased in number that their congregation was made independent from that of the Fathers. The first Mother General elected was Mother M. Birgitta Korff, O.S.B.

During the 25 years that the mother was holding her position, the mothers house was transferred to Tutzing, Germany. In 1955, the Generalate was transferred to Rome, but the convent of Tutzing left his mothers house. During these 25 years, the congregation worked in Africa, despite several native rebellions, which often resulted in the death of her sister. He also responded to urgent needs and requests from bishops in Brazil and the Philippines. In 1906, the first group of sisters arrived from Tutzing and welcomed the Archbishop of Manila to the diocese. Since that time the sisters established schools in most parts of the island.

Benedictine sisters evacuated the war came to Taal in 1945 and lived in someones house. Sister Caridad Barrion, OSB, taught piano, math and other subjects, and ran a kindergarten school. After the war, they were asked to return at the invitation of Bishop Alfredo Versoza, then Bishop of Lipa to run the school. After a long consultation, mother superior and her councilors decided to accept the offer. Senior Agnella Mayer, OSB, was asked to found a school with sister Caridad Barrion, OSB and sister Liboria Kampinan, OSB. The school was the first Academy of St. Martins.

Bishop Versoza who was then living in St. Bridgets College, wanted the school to be named in honor of the blessed Mother, our lady of Caysasay. Thus, renaming it as our lady of Caysasay Academy. Good shepherd sisters of Saint Bridgets College delivered the books that were first used. They also were the ones who transported the Benedictine sisters on April 15, 1945. Ed. Prot. Mariano Larch, the parish priest of Taal that time was still in the monastery, which he generously left the next day for the use of sisters.

Cleaning a dilapidated monastery and preparing for the opening in the primary school was the first major tasks of the pioneers, later joined by a large number of sisters. Kindergarten equipment and materials of the former monastery of St. Scholasticas steel assets in the old monastery. Despite the poverty and other difficulties caused by the war, the sisters continued to carry on their apostolate. Caring people of Taal, some of which were sisters cared and helped the sisters in case of need.

After several years, the high school building was erected under the management of sister Hyginia Peralta, RSD. It was later converted into a school building when it was built the twelve-room high school building. The monastery was built for the sisters who lived there at the time as the administration of the school. With the student population increasing every year, was built several additional buildings. Through all these years, from OLCAs founding in 1945, the spirit and the Benedictine motto of Ora Et Labora has served as a source of inspiration and guiding light for every child, parent and teacher who entered her gates.

When the school celebrated its silver jubilee in 1970, she was the first two principles lay in the person of Ms. Mercedes Anorico HS 1958 for elementary school and Ms. Titus M. Alcazar HS 1961 division high school.

The classroom was cooperative learning from the beginning while the middle school was exclusively for girls. Since 1983, the boys were taken in High school. The first batch of male graduates, there were only 28.

In its 48th year, April 27, 1993, OLCA took a different course of history. Benedictine Sisters, mother superior, sister Pia Lansang, OSB the school turned over the Archdiocese of Lipa in the presence of the Bishop-most Rev. Salvador V. Quizon, who represented Archbishop Mariano Gaviola. Sister grace earnest herby, OSS, prioress of the Oblates of the Holy spirit, a new community of sisters, who have teamed up with the OLCAs first Director of the priest, father Carlo Magno C. Ilagan, witnessed the handover ceremony in a simple paraliturgical service. The Oblates of the Holy spirit, the OSS assists the Director from 1993 to 1996.

The community of the missionary catechists of the sacred Heart MCSH was invited to assist in the management of the school and religious education in 1996. Sister Mary Regina Conti, MCSH was appointed assistant Director.

Since then, OLCA has soared to new heights. Despite the difficulties, the school was in a constant state of improving services and raising the level of competence of teachers in order to meet the growing needs of students in gaining not only academic knowledge, but also spiritual, physical and social growth. Through open and trusting relationships with parents, the school has received strong support and active participation of the home school Association Sha and a number of interested graduates.

As the school celebrates its 60th anniversary, Rev. FR. Ricardo A. Panganiban, the school Director, Mrs. Tessie p. Hernandez, grade school, and Miss Gloria L. Reyes, the Director of the school, welcomed the 512 pre-school, primary and 1480 1240 students.

With dynamism and passionate commitment to truth and love, OLCA administrators, faculty, staff, and the staff constantly strive to produce men and women in service to the Church and society.

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  • Shrine is the first to achieve this status followed by the Shrine of Our Lady of Caysasay in Taal, Batangas in June 2012. The official document and a shrine
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