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ⓘ Andrewartha

Cornish Names says:

  • Nouns. (Существительные)
  • "tref: village, town", Brythonic Celt Welsh about 4-500 AD.
  • "tre" a "town", feminine, maybe a hamlet or house.
  • Cf. "Wollas": "lower" maybe smaller or lesser or in a valley, of the two.
  • Adjectives. (Прилагательные)
  • "Wartha": "upper" maybe higher or greater or on a hill.
  • "An" used as: "of the", "in the", "on the", "at the", in place names. Brythonic Celt Cornish language Dexter, p. 18.
  • Definite article. (Определенный артикль)

The book refers to "Trewartha" p. 25, and "Andrewartha" p. 60.

The Handbook of Cornish names States: "Trewartha" is a Cornish name meaning "upper farm" or "Upper HOMESTEAD".

  • Professor Herbert George Andrewartha BS UWA MAgSc Melb DSc Adel FAA, 21 December 1907 27 January 1992 was a distinguished Australian research
  • John Andrewartha 25 August 1839 7 November 1916 was an English architect and civil engineer. John Andrewartha was born at Falmouth, Cornwall, the son
  • Jake Andrewartha OLY born 24 December 1989 in Clare, Australia is an Australian judoka. He competed at the 2012 London Olympics and the 2014 Commonwealth
  • Roy Andrewartha born 23 April 1938 is a Welsh former professional snooker player. Born in 1938, Andrewartha lost in the 1976 final of the English Amateur
  • character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by Janet Andrewartha The character made her first screen appearance during the episode broadcast
  • Trewartha and Andrewartha are Cornish family names and placename, Dexter There are places called Trewartha in the parishes of Merther, St Agnes, St
  • wife Jennie until the larger house, designed by local architect John Andrewartha was built in 1885. The homes have been well preserved and today house
  • six years of entomological research with his then - supervisor, Herbert Andrewartha with whom he forged a close relationship, Birch demonstrated that external
  • Tasmanian musicians, Graham Austin keyboards Christine Brightman vocals and ex - Sydney guitarist Alan Andrewartha Feature Item - poparchives.com.au
  • Andrewartha Herbert George 1907 1992 Encyclopedia of Australian Science, www.eoas.info L. C. Birch and T. O. Browning, Herbert George Andrewartha
  • character in Airplane played by Jill Whelan Lisa Davis, a character in A Country Practice, played by Janet Andrewartha Lisa Davies disambiguation