ⓘ Rivière-au-Tonnerre, Quebec


ⓘ Riviere-au-Tonnerre, Quebec

Riviere-au-Tonnerre is a municipality in the Cote-Nord region of the province of Quebec in Canada.

In addition to Riviere-AU-Tonnerre itself, the communities within the municipality include rivière-pigou, rivière-AUX-Graines, and Sheldrake, all located along the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and accessible via Quebec route 138.

The main and almost exclusive local economic activity is crab fishing. The factory which processes the crab meat supports the bulk of the population.

The same river thunder French: Riviere AU Tonnerre, which flows through the town, has a large range of waterfalls, 5 km 3.1 km from its mouth in the Saint Lawrence river. This waterfall with a total vertical drop of about 50 metres, 160 metres from the roar that resembles the sound of thunder. River Manitou, not far to the West, falls sharply near its mouth.

  • The riviere au Tonnerre English: Thunder River is a watercourse that runs through the municipality of Riviere - au - Tonnerre Quebec in the Minganie Regional
  • Tonnerre English: Thunder is a French word meanings sound produced during thunderstorms. It may refer to: Riviere - au - Tonnerre Quebec a municipality
  • the National Assembly of Quebec from 1997 to 2003. He was a member of the Parti Quebecois. Born in Riviere - au - Tonnerre Quebec Duguay was first elected
  • The riviere au Tonnerre English: Tonnerre River is a tributary of the Normandin River, flowing into the unorganized territory of Lac - Ashuapmushuan, Quebec
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  • in the municipality of Riviere - au - Tonnerre in the Minganie Regional County Municipality. A painted metal bridge carries Quebec Route 138 over the river
  • a steel bridge. The mouth of the river is in the municipality of Riviere - au - Tonnerre in the Minganie Regional County Municipality. P.J. Touzel, from Jersey
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  • municipality of Riviere - au - Tonnerre in Minganie Regional County Municipality. The mouth is 50 kilometres 31 mi west of the village of Riviere - au - Tonnerre and 70
  • The Bouleau River French: Riviere au Bouleau: Birch River is a salmon river in the Cote - Nord region of Quebec Canada. It drains an area of the Canadian
  • Mingan, Natashquan reserve Natashquan township Riviere - Saint - Jean and Riviere - au - Tonnerre census subdivisions. Census Profile, 2016 Census: Minganie - - Le