ⓘ Shapoklyak (film)


ⓘ Shapoklyak (film)

Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka decide to go to the sea on vacation. Shapoklyak steals their train tickets, and so they are kicked off the train. On their way home, the duo, with Shapoklyaks help, stops hikers from poaching and a factory from polluting a river.


1. Creators

  • Director: Roman Kachanov
  • Sound technician: Georgy Martynyuk
  • Scriptwriters: Eduard Uspensky, Roman Kachanov
  • Operators: Alexander Zhukovsky, Theodor Bunimovich
  • Director: Nathan Bitman
  • Art director: Leonid Shvartsman
  • Composer: Vladimir Shainsky
  • Animators: Maya Buzinova, Natalya Dabizha, Yuri Norstein, Pavel Petrov, Boris Savin
  • Editor: Natalya Abramova

2. Soundtrack

This film contains a second famous Russian song called "Blue Traincar" RUS: Голубой Вагон of the composer Vladimir Shainsky on Eduard Uspenskys verses sound. It is sung at the end of the film by Gena.


3. Trivia

  • Though the city Cheburashka and Gena live in is unnamed, it is implied to be Moscow. This is hinted when Cheburashka and Gena take the train from Moscow to Yalta and also when they have to walk home they find a distance sign pointing to Moscow.