ⓘ Social care in England


ⓘ Social care in England

Social care in England is defined as the provision of social work, personal care, protection or social support services to children or adults in need or at risk, or adults with needs arising from illness, disability, old age or poverty. The main legal definitions flow from the National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990 with other provisions covering responsibilities to informal carers. That provision may have one or more of the following aims: to protect people who use care services from abuse or neglect, to prevent deterioration of or promote physical or mental health, to promote independence and social inclusion, to improve opportunities and life chances, to strengthen families and to protect human rights in relation to peoples social needs.

Local commissioners, mainly in the cities councils to control the market with many different types of social assistance, or to purchase the state authorities after the assessment or obtained by accumulating an independent basis for the public. They include community support and activities, Advisory services and advocacy, provision of equipment to manage disabilities, alarm systems, e.g. to control the result of falls, home / medical home care or daycare, housing with the level of service support, residential nursing care and support for caregivers.

Social assistance is often used as a synonym for social security, and as an alternative social work. The term often implies informal networks of support and assistance, as well as funded services to assess the social work and other professions.

Social assistance in modern conditions covers many areas, each with a level of professional services. They can be broadly classified as follows:

  • Children, young people and families – this includes preventative family support and child protection services, child placement, fostering, adoption, working with young offenders, children and young people who have learning or physical disabilities, or who are homeless, as well as support for families and carers.
  • Workforce – this includes the provision of resources, training and support for those working in social care.
  • Adults – this includes support for older people, people with mental health problems, learning or physical disabilities, those with alcohol and substance misuse problems, the homeless, prevention of abuse or neglect, domestic abuse and associated support for families and carers. Older adults are routinely given cheaper care and less favourable care than younger people with similar needs and / or disabilities. This is considered ageism.
  • General Social Care Council GSCC was a non - departmental public body of the Department of Health in the United Kingdom which was the regulator of social workers
  • Social care in the United Kingdom is a devolved matter, so England Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales each have their own separate systems of private
  • Commission for Social Care Inspection was a non - departmental public body and the single, independent inspectorate for social care in England Its sponsor
  • ESDS Government, HES webpages Health Survey for England at the Health and Social Care Information Centre National Centre for Social Research website
  • Social Care DHSC is a department of Her Majesty s Government, responsible for government policy on health and adult social care matters in England
  • NHS as in England Scotland and Wales, but differs from the NHS in England and Wales in that it provides not only health care but social care too the
  • Data Set for Social Care NMDS - SC gathers information about the social care workforce to help employers with workforce planning in England It also provides
  • social care in England particularly those involved with the National Health Service England It provides digital services for the NHS and social care
  • and social care is needed or would benefit local care services. Care Trusts were established under the NHS Plan 2000, in England to bring together in one
  • 2009 No XXXX National Health Service, England Social Care England Public Health, England The Health and Social Care Act 2008 Regulated Activities regulations
  • the United Kingdom. It was established in 2009 to regulate and inspect health and social care services in England It was formed from three predecessor
  • The Care Inspectorate formally known as Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland is a scrutiny body which supports improvement. They look at