ⓘ Cheburashka (film)


ⓘ Cheburashka (film)

Cheburashka wishes Crocodile Gena a happy birthday and gives him a toy helicopter as a gift. After meeting some pioneers, they decide to be pioneers themselves. They build a playground for the local children and collect scrap metal, after which they become pioneers.


1. Creators

  • Film director: Roman Kachanov
  • Animators: Yuri Norstein, Maya Buzinova, Natalya Dabizha
  • Composer: Vladimir Shainsky
  • Sound technician: Georgy Martynyuk
  • Art director: Leonid Shvartsman
  • Operator: Theodor Bunimovich
  • Scriptwriters: Eduard Uspensky, Roman Kachanov

2. Soundtrack

This film opens with a song called "Let Them Run Clumsily" Rus:Пусть бегут неуклюже of Vladimir Shainsky on Alexander Timofeevskys words sounds, which is a popular birthday song in Russia.